Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get Fit: Week Five Check In

Sorry to do this one day late! Gary and I were working in Pemberton and just got back.
The final results for the 5 week challenge (which I'm actually just going to keep going on) is:
Weight: total loss of 6lbs (very happy with this! Would like to lose about 4 more just for some wiggle room). This was on Monday before we left on a three day trip with zero exercise besides walking around.
Fitness: no where near where I would like it to be. I can run 20 minutes comfortably but would like to continue exercising (elliptical, 30 day shred, yoga, running) so that I can run at least 30 minutes comfortably. I also want to get into shape for football which starts in just a few months.
Food: this is the biggest thing for me. I want to continue to make smart decisions while allowing for a small daily indulgence. This has made all the difference to my weight loss.

How was your weigh in this week? Your activity level? Boy, was it a food filled week! I am going to continue trying to get healthier but I'm not sure if I will have `Check Ins' each week. I'm thankful that a bunch of you were on board with getting healthier, it def. made me stick to a plan. Yay for getting more fit and losing a few pounds!


  1. Great work! 6 lbs is great! Makes such a huge difference in clothing eh?

    Great idea with the make healthy choices but still have indulgences. Im trying the same thing...some days its tough! Especially now with Christmas/New Years etc!

  2. Well... 4.2lbs is my final loss.

    I'm quite satisfied with that number (especially since I really don't care too much about numbers).

    I think that my goals for the new year will be to continue making progress in my diet (smaller dinner portions and less snacking) and in my activity level (lifting and running twice/week, possibly swimming once a week, and - oh how I detest it - stretching daily).

    Little steps, little steps...

    Good job Louise

  3. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Great work Tyler and Louise!
    I still have a ways to go to meet my goal, but I started out with a lot to lose. I am over halfway weight-wise, I lost 22lbs in 6 weeks!
    I have had a limited amount of fitness, my window of opportunity is mostly in the evenings, but I am hoping to join a running clinic in April and maybe get to the gym 2x a week if I can force myself to bed at 9pm (I have to be BACK from the gym by 6am).
    My eating habits are better, but the holidays were hard and I can see that I still need to keep my indulgences to a minimum. It seems to take me a long time to break bad habits, but I will keep trying!
    Thanks everyone for the encouragement to keep going, I appreciate it:)
    All the best with your continued efforts to being healthy in 2011.