Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get Fit: Week Four Check In

Well. We've been sick here. I've pretty much been sick for 2.5 of the 4 weeks that we've been doing this. I managed to exercise 5 days this week so not bad. I lost that last 0.5lbs for a total of 5lbs. I'm no where near as fit as I would like to be as this whole chest infection turned into a mass buildup in my sinuses that feels like it's coming out of my ears. Anyway, I'm liking the way I'm looking and thinking that 10 more pounds isn't really realistic (my married weight) so in the end, I'd like to just lose 5 more. That would be easier to maintain.

I have no idea how I'm avoiding most of this amazing food out there. This will be the most challenging week by far. Two huge Christmas dinners in a row (the week after has New Years Eve and then Koen's birthday party). Why wasn't this just a 4 week challenge? If I can be healthy these next two weeks, I will be my own hero:)

{this is from a few months ago but every post needs a picture:)}

In other news...Koen is sick. For two weeks he has been coughing and super congested. The problem is that he can't get a good night sleep so I've been holding him, in the recliner, for an hour or two each night. He's been up since 4am today. We are tired. In his crib, he will just cry and cry for me (which is NOT like him at all). I keep thinking that he will get better so I never booked a doctor's appointment. Besides, what's he going to say? Yes, it's going around, nothing you can do. I don't want Koen on antibiotics because last time he was on it, it was terrible. We have an appointment in two hours, we'll see what he says. We bought a better (super expensive but on for half price!!) humidifier today so hopefully that helps. I'm just worried because Gary and I are going to Pemberton for a wedding next week and I want Koen to be all better before we go. Also, I'm nervous it's going to turn into an ear infection.


  1. Losing 5 pounds in December is awesome! Most of us are putting on 5 pounds, so you are 10 pounds ahead! Congratulations! Hope Koen and you feel better soon.

  2. Louise, I was beginning to wonder if everything was okay in the Chapman household (you haven't blogged in days!).

    I know what it's like to be sick over the holidays - not fun, not fun at all. I do so hope that your recovery comes quick.

    Last week was a good one for me: two gym visits and two runs. Snacking is still decreasing. I am not sure what the scale will say next week, but I've definitely made positive improvements in my habits over the last several weeks.

    My goal for Christmas celebration: turning the usual gorging into enjoying. I think if I can do that I will be a winner (no matter what the scale says).

  3. Johnny and I got away to Seattle (just the 2 of us!) and I did not do well in the food department. I think I actually gained a couple of pounds. Back on track at home though. Tried out the new runners yesterday and think it will make a big difference.

    Way to go Louise on losing 5 pounds. That is awesome! Good work Tyler on decreasing your snacking. That is my hardest thing.

  4. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Congrats on losing 5lbs Louise! I think when I get down to the last 5-10lbs it might take longer. It might help if I try to get mone exercise:)
    This week was terrible for exercise, I didn't feel motivated to get out for any walks. I did keep going with trying not to have snacks between meals and drinking lots of water. The scale showed a 2lb loss, so I am now over half way to my goal! I feel way better already, and a bonus is to fit some of the clothes in my closet that have been hanging in the back:) Keep up the great work everyone!

  5. I was just going to say, that often if my kids cry and cry at night, it's usually an ear infection. There's a specific ear infection cry that I now recognize--they NEVER tell me they are in pain or that it's their ears, even Ayden last week!!!
    But then I read the last line and you're already thinking that way anyways. Hopefully you guys heal up by tomorrow!!
    merry christmas!