Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Get Fit: Week Three Check In

I don't really want to let you know how this week went because it was bad. I was sick. Like, only worked out 2 days this week. Fortunately I am feeling quite a bit better, maybe 75%, so I'm back at the elliptical again. I do 20 minutes during the day with the kids awake (their limit of behaving nicely while I work out) and 20 minutes at night while they are in bed. Not ideal shower wise, but it seems to work best. I'm not ready to run yet. It's hard for me mentally because I was supposed to be so much further along fitness wise at this point but that week and half rest was detrimental to that. Oh well.
Scale says I lost 0.5 lbs and I'll take it. At least there was no gain. So far, in three weeks, it's been 4.5lbs. I'll take it. I just really have another extra 10lbs on me that I would love to shed over the next few months. I would also love to be able to do 5km no problem at all. Just takes time. Need to be patient. Need to stay healthy!
I'm making cake pops tomorrow so let's see how strong my will power is then:)
How was your week?


  1. Indeed Louise, be patient.

    My week wasn't the best either. Not that I regressed in any particular way. I just didn't seem to move forward tangibly. I'm still doing well with diet (could be doing better of course). My activity level wasn't raised this past week though.

    My singular activity goal for this week: gym twice; run twice. If I can stay consistent with my eating habits and accomplish this activity goal... I'll consider the week a success.

    Only two weeks to go! Probably the hardest two weeks yet. Stay strong team. Focus on measurable, achievable goals and be encouraged by each little success. See you all at next week's check-in.

  2. you're already skinny, love. xo. Get fit if you like, lose weight if you like, I'm no critic! But I just wanted to say I think you look fabulous just the way you are. =)

  3. Haven't weighed myself, but I am not expecting big changes. Last week was busy and I only got to the gym twice. The good news is that I am running farther. My last 2 runs were 6.5km, so I am moving closer to my goal of running 10km. Next on the list is to buy new running shoes. I am really feeling it in my feet!

    Go Team Go!

  4. i actually don't remember what my weight was last week, so i don't know what the difference is to this week. i had a GREAT workout yesterday (20 minute power sculpt and a 4k run), but i threw my shoulder out and i can't do anything now! So i'm a bit worried...still hoping i can run if the rain lets up this week. definitely have eaten better yesterday and today (minus my LAST eggnog latte of the season, today), so I'm feeling more on track and prepared to face the rest of the holiday season. I need to lose 10lbs to be exactly where i want to be at.
    so i'm trying not to be disappointed with where i am and what i have not been able to accomplish in the past few months, and just trying to look forward while remembering how GREAT i felt/looked less than 6 months ago. :)

  5. Tyler-sounds like great activity goals for the week!! Hope you find the time and the desire to run in the rain:)
    Marsalie-new shoes make such a difference! Could be partly psychological for me, but it always makes running a whole lot more fun. Great job on the 6.5km runs. That's awesome!
    Mel-thanks! I just want to feel good and get ready for football again. And not have my sides spill out over my pants:)

  6. Kelly-yesterday's workout sounds awesome!! Sorry about the shoulder, was it from the work out?
    As for holiday food...wow, I don't remember being so much of it last year:) Good thing I don't like eggnog!

  7. Beth Yaxley3:33 PM

    i actually just bought an elliptical! i love it, so far... but i'm also baking cake pops tomorrow, so we'll see if there is any loss at all, haha!

    glad to hear you're feeling better!

  8. I have not gained so that is good!
    Lost only .5 a pound in the past 2 weeks.
    But the staff room is full of goodies! It's so hard!

  9. Anonymous7:47 PM

    My week wasn't stellar, but I think I did okay. I just had a few more "treats" than I should have, but I did eat them after meals within the one hour meal time. I only caved once and had a snack, I couldn't help but eat a slice of leftover homemade pizza at 11pm! I went for 2 good walks and I will weigh in tomorrow morning, and hope to lose at least a little bit. It sounds like everyone is putting in effort to do well, Good work everyone!

  10. oooh cake pops! what kind? take some pictures and post them.

  11. Bethany, I'm going to try to make the Christmas trees. Have you done them?
    Beth-I've been loving the elliptical in front of the tv, it's been soooooo perfect!
    Maria-way to go losing 0.5lbs over this food filled party time! It's crazy how many sweets are out there!

  12. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I had my weigh-in this morning and was pleaasently surprised, 2.8lbs! I am almost halfway to my goal:) It gives me motivation to keep it up:)

  13. Stephani-I have no idea how you are losing so much weight each week. I guess sticking to healthy foods does make such a difference! Way to go!

  14. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Louise-I think it all depends on how much extra weight you have to lose. Remember those family pictures in the end of October? I had 40lbs to lose! Some of the best tips for weight loss and getting my metabolism moving that work for me are:
    1. NO snacks between meals or after dinner (unless I am going out after dinner!)
    2. 8 glasses of water a day
    3. 5 hours between meals, from the end of one to the beginning of the next meal. Gives my body time to digest my food and then burn some stored fat and calories.
    4. I eat my meals in an hour or less and then just drink water or black coffee/tea between meals
    5. I switched to a low carb/glycemic food intake.

    It really means I eat lots of food at meals, but having smaller portions of the carbs or starches, more veggies and I am SO full at the end of a meal. I have lost 18.6lbs in 4 weeks with about 2 walks a week and eating healthier. Steve and I have a deal that I get a shopping spree when I reach my goal:)

    You can definitly reach your goal, but I think the last 10lbs will take the longest for everyone... I never knew I had any self-control with my eating habits, but today we made 12 dozen cookies and I didn't try one until after dinner:)