Monday, November 08, 2010

Skipping Church...

and going to the beach. Both kids are still sniffling away so we decided to have a family day on Sunday morning. We went to Crescent beach because it was a beautiful sunny day. The sun was deceiving, it was FREEZING! The boys still had fun.
Kai dug for treasure and found some money (later I found out Gary was the one providing the treasure).
We threw rocks.
Gary took 100 pictures of my butt...I cropped this one so you can just see Koen and I holding hands:)
Koen got to hold a crab.
The boys fell in love with balancing on logs.
We held hands.
We enjoyed the sunshine.
It was good.
Crescent beach was a special place for my parents so I always think of my mom when I'm there.

It was a great weekend. Gary and I had an engagement session at Granville Island and then went to the Keg for lunch afterwards with a gift card (thanks Jen P!!). On Sunday, I had a great family session after our time at Crescent Beach. I think the weather totally contributed to such an enjoyable weekend.

Work wise I am having to say `no' to everyone for the rest of the year. It's hard, especially for people that I know really well. I would love to but I just can't. I feel so much guilt when I say no, but I'm learning. My calendar is good right now, the perfect amount. I'm really trying to learn how to set boundaries for myself so that I don't get stressed out, so that I have ample time/energy for my kids and husband, and so that I don't sit at the computer all night. Next year, I have guidelines/rules (hmm...what's the word?) for photography. We're already completely booked for weddings (we're stopping at 15 weddings in 2011 as opposed to the 22 this year..YIKES) and I'm only doing 2 family sessions per month. I have it in place because I have no idea when our baby will be coming. I think that when the baby does come, I might hire someone to watch my kids once per week so that I can work specifically on that day. We'll day at a time:) So interesting having your own business! I'm loving it and learning so much.

Hope you all had a great weekend! My kids didn't do the time change so well. I've never seen Koen so upset over nothing. Rolling on the ground screaming. Totally not his style.

Have a great week.


  1. Ah Louise, it looks like you're living the dream. Magical times with the family - enjoy.

  2. I love that Gary hid treasures for Kai :) Since I am always the one taking pictures, one time I let my boyfriend have my camera for a few minutes. Later when I checked them, there were a TON of my butt. Boys! (sigh)

  3. great place to skip church to. i do find it entertaining that Gary takes so many pictures of your butt :)

  4. I love that Gary takes pictures of your bum! I think it's quite romantic even if it is kind of weird to find them on the camera afterwards. Great idea to skip church to go and hang out at the beach especially if the weather was awesome.

  5. My boys didn't do well with the time change either. Great photos!

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    i love your rubber booty things!

    beth yaxley