Sunday, November 21, 2010


1. Great weekend of family and friends! These pictures are all taken at my sisters' house where we were celebrating Kenzie's baptism and Izzy's 3rd birthday. When you don't have your mom around, it sure is great to have 4 sisters. As we are all in the same `place' in life (married, kids or thoughts of kids in the future:), careers), have similar personalities, and there is no drama, it sure is wonderful to have each other close by!
2. I cut Koen's hair. It was his first hair cut. Someone asked Kai what his sister's name was, so it was time. I left it long enough that hopefully his curls will remain!! (I used the #8 on the buzzer).
{Dad and Joanne, it's nice having you close by too:)}
3. I have started `Operation Get Fit'. It's time. For the first time in my life I have no desire to exercise but I know it is important. I have so much motivation for other things (photos, the boys, taking care of our home) but none for exercising. I know that I need to for several reasons. I would love to build up enough strength to be where I used to be at. To be able to do any hike. To be able to do any hike with a 50lb back pack. I guess I just feel overwhelmed with how far I have to go. My body has really been run down and has a long, long ways to go. Also, I have 10-15 extra pounds which just aren't healthy. I was talking to my sisters about how I need a small exercise machine so that I can work out in front of the tv. That way I can watch my one hour of nightly tv AND work out at the same time. Well, I found a small elliptical, in fabulous condition in front of our neighbour's house! I think that was a sign:) I don't like that it takes up space but with Gary full out into bball season, I need something I can do at home at night. I need something to keep me accountable. Maybe I need someone to say `I bet you can't lose 10lbs in 10 weeks' or something like that:)

4. Kai has a growth chart in his room and I measured him last night. In one month, he grew 1.5"!!! No wonder he is full out into size 5 pants now and was eating up a storm all month. He kept saying he was hungry and would eat an extra 2 meals per day (2 breakfasts and 2 dinners). He has his fitting for the fashion show this Tuesday. Hopefully the clothes fit him! I said he was size 4. Yikes! Don't forget, Friday on CTV at 7am (I don't know the exact time he's on, sometime between 7-9am). I'm sure they will have the clip online afterwards so I will link that on here:)

5. I had 3 studio shoots this weekend. No more studio for the rest of the year! It was nice to just set it up and then pack it up the next day. I don't love doing things in studio but when you can control the light and the temperature, it sure makes things easier! I only have one more family shoot this weekend (I have a feeling it will be raining) and then in December we have 3 weddings. One is a wedding in Pemberton so Gary and I are going to go for 2 nights and having a mini holiday:) Hopefully the weather behaves.
6. We did a tour of the Christian school and loved it. I'm going to try to get a tour of the local public school (do they do that?) and see what we think. I need to find a carpooling buddy in our neighbourhood to keep the Christian school option alive. Finding the right school for my boys is such an important decision, Gary and I have been discussing it since we were dating:) We LOVE our preschool and I would love something similar to that. Once I get the info on the public school, I'll let you know the pros and cons of each just because some people have been asking me:)

Have a wonderful week!!
Love, Louise


  1. Does that mean that I have to cut Adam's hair too :) And, I LOVE the photo of Koen and your dad at the window!

  2. Did you say no drama....interesting. There is definately some drama, but we tend to minimize it or just let things go. I think we realize that life is too short!

  3. Terri-don't cut Adam's hair!!! I regret cutting Koen's already:)
    Maria-I should say `normal amounts of drama'...unless I'm the major source of it without knowing it!!

  4. there's always drama between sisters, but it's easier to shake off than friend drama :)
    great family pictures!!

  5. personally, i think you could totally do 10lbs in 10 weeks. I'd like to do 5 in 5 weeks.

    are we on??? :)

  6. kristin heinen8:35 PM

    5 girls, so similar to my family! (except the extra 2 boys my parents had!). cant wait till we are all in the same "place" in life too :)