Friday, November 05, 2010

22 Months

I'm a few days late..oops! Koen is now 22 months old. My baby is almost 2. Wow! I have no exciting pictures but I'll throw a couple in from the last couple of days. Koen is now using a lot more words, although it's not understandable to everyone:) The most he has said in a row is `Happy birthday to you' and he says it when he's playing with his toys and it is oh so cute. He also says, `Lud you mommy'. Awwwwww!!! Whenever he wakes up in the morning and I bring him downstairs, he says `Morning Tai!' and Kai ignores him so he says it over and over and over until Kai finally says `Good morning Koen'.
He totally talks the way I would talk. He'll say, `Baby! Awwwwww! ' or `Stinky! Oooooooooo!!!'.
He is strong. Very, very strong. The boys love to play with extra pieces of wood we have in a bin outside our house. Koen can carry a crazy amount, the same weight that Kai can carry, no problem. It's pretty unreal. To me at least.

He is still climbing on and in everything. He loves to hide in our ottoman and then pop up and say `a-boo!' (peek-a-boo). He eats more than Kai, especially at dinner time. Piglet. He has discovered the whole whiny, repetitive thing. `Mommy! Teat (treat)! Mommy! Nack (snack)! Mommy! Mommy!' etc. So annoying...good thing he's cute!

He loves babies. He gets huggy and kissy and snuggly before bedtime and I LOVE IT. He loves playing with Kai but is definitely his own person, he won't let Kai tell him what to do. His favourite word is `No'. Even if he does want something, he'll still say no.

My sister mentioned that Koen has a mullet. As soon as anyone thinks he has a mullet, it's time to cut it. I have no idea how to go about it but I will.....soon.

I love him to pieces. I can't believe he is almost two. So awesome but a little bit baby is all grown up! You should see him run, it's so adorable. He brings me so much happiness and I continue to be extremely thankful for his presence in my life.

I think I will do a little post about Kai in a few days because he too, is an incredible boy.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. what a cutie :) I don't see the mullet yet, but that's just me.
    i love the way he says good morning to kai until he gets acknowledged...same story in this house :)

  2. Happy 22 months!!

    I don't see a mullet. Looks like sweet curls to me! I regret cutting Aiden's hair when he was younger because he was instant "big" boy.

  3. Little boy 'mullets' are the best. In the photos he has such nice curls (I wish my kids had some curl, I'm still holding out a faint hope for Coby), I agree with Ashley, the first cut makes babes looks so much older!