Sunday, November 28, 2010


No more blog posts about cuteness...the boys/men in my life are just plain old handsome:)
{Koen wanted gel like Kai...awww, his hair is so fine but we managed to get it a little spiked up:)}

My husband is particularly awesome as he spent all day in the kitchen (he loves it) and made 5 meals for the week.
You know how people are passionate about their jobs or hobbies or whatever it might be? The greatest joy I get is from being with my boys (Gary included!!). It must be because I always get a good 8 hour sleep that they seem so awesome. I know once a newborn comes along, they may seem a little less fun:) They make us laugh all day. Kai's conversations, Koen's goofiness. Seriously, life is good. I am so blessed.

Love, Louise

PS I had to call poison control on Friday. Koen got into the toilet cleaner and I couldn't tell how much (if any) he had ingested as it was all over him. They were super helpful (asking about symptoms..can he drink milk? Is he complaining about a sore mouth? Is he irritable? Is he salivating a lot? They told me to give him a bath to get it off his skin and then they called half an hour later to see how he was) and he was totally fine. Oh Koen. Good reminder to make sure all of your cleaning products are locked up, even if your kids have never seemed interested in them. We always have it locked up but it was recycling day and the recycling container is below the sink and we had just taken it out...


  1. I love that photo of the boys in the kitchen!

  2. Very handsome indeed!
    That must have been so scary. I have had to call poison control 1/2 dozen times on Aiden so don't beat yourself up. None of the others have needed yet (or hopefully ever!). I am so glad that he is ok.

  3. Definately can tell they are brothers - Koen looks like Kai in first picture I think.
    Also, they've got really nice teeth! well done, no retainers necessary:)

  4. I've had to call poison control in the past and I am so impressed with how helpful they are. Glad Koen is just fine.