Friday, November 19, 2010

Looking Forward To...

1. Snow this weekend. We'll see if the boys love it as much as they think they do. We tried it out this morning (had just a dusting) and it was cold! Keeping mittens/gloves on Koen will be a cause of stress.
2. Celebrating my niece Izzy's 3rd birthday and Kenzie's baptism! I got Izzy the CUTEST clips off of etsy. I love etsy. If we ever have a girl, I know that I will spend WAY more money on clothes etc:)
3. First photo sessions in the studio since the reno. Hopefully snow doesn't cause a problem for them getting here! I've decided to only do studio shoots once a month and set up the lights during that time. That way it's mostly playroom downstairs for the kiddos.
4. Renewing our mortgage. I am SO excited about this. I've been waiting and waiting to be within the 90 day window to lock in a rate and we are there! I've been shopping around and trying to find the best rate etc. Our rate for the last 5 years was 4.75%, and now, it will be about 3.45%, do you know how awesome that is?!! We'll keep our payments the same so that we can pay off our mortgage even earlier. Which makes me excited about retirement, I know, I'm crazy. Praying that Gary and I can enjoy many wonderful retirement years together!! (Please note that I love where we are right now and am in no rush to be 55 but I do look to the future with excitement too...hopefully Gary and I remain in good health and we can travel and continue with photography in some realm and eventually have some grandbabies:))
Have a cozy and safe weekend!!
Love, Louise


  1. It's snowing here right now. I LOVE snow, but this is the first year I have to drive in it w/ preschool and ballet.
    yes, it's SOOO easy to spend more on girls!
    mortgage renewal is EXCITING! We are hoping the low rates stay for long enough for us to renew (I can't remember if it's this march or next), and we would do the same in regards to paying the same amount to get that mortgage down faster! i can't wait for retirement too (i echo your comments that you put in parenthesis).

  2. We paid a penatly this year and locked in at a crazy low rate!! It WAS SO worth it though. Thats awesome that your renewing right now, perfect timing!