Thursday, November 04, 2010

Feeding Birds

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. As soon as Gary got home, we picked up Subway (Kai's favourite `restaurant') and went to Campbell Valley Park to feed the birds.
It was soooooo good. I am being more intentional about having more fun family activities. For the past two months, family time was a group trip to Home Depot. BORING.

We saw ducks, squirrels, birds and lots of dogs:) The boys love it there.

The first time a bird ate from Kai's hand, he dropped all the food because he was freaked out. I'll be honest, it does feel kind of creepy!
So, here is just watching Gary do it and trying to get his confidence up again.
Koen was holding just one seed and calling `Birdie! Birdie!', so sweet:)
They loved Gary, I think he could hold his hand up the highest which freaked them out the least.
Gary and Kai working together to feed the birds...perfecto!
Kai LOVED it. He did say afterwards that someone should cut the birds nails as they were too scratchy.

Koen's turn!

I love how Koen and the bird are looking at each other:)
Okay, my turn. Trying to be brave...
Kids totally pick up on your actions so I was just trying to be calm but in my head I was like, `Don't bite me! Don't hurt me! ahhhhh!!!' for a silly little bird.
It was fun and so nice to get some great fresh air and exercise.
We packed the boys into the stroller and quickly did the whole loop as the sun was setting and I really wanted some exercise.

A wonderful evening with my boys...and some birds.


  1. WOW - this is just a whole pile of awesomeness!
    Love the picture of Kai feeding the bird with Gary's head cut off (no offense Gary). His expression is great!
    I would have been just like you about feeding the bird myself...birds give me the creeps, but the little ones are cute -ish. Perfect family adventure!

  2. Great pics! I love the boys in their touques. Finn and I liked to feed the ducks at the pond next to our Chilliwack library - past tense, as last time we did this there was a duck rampage after us and our bread. I was actually afraid of one duck and his aggressive beak:)

  3. Very awesome! I love the one of Kai and Koen holding hands!!!

  4. ok, i LOVE these pictures. my favorite one though is with Koen feeding the bird on his hand. wow - love it!

  5. What a great outing! I just fed chickadees a few weeks ago and I was like you - didn't really like a bird landing on my hand!

  6. I love the boys' touques! So cute! We used to feed the birds with my Oma when we were little, it's such a fun thing to do when you're a kid.

  7. Congratulations on taking the family outing... and agreed they are good for the soul and we all need to do more (little trips great).
    Why do your kids look like models? They totally look like the cool kids in school. Love Koen's hat. Poor rags already has a bad haircut (I noticed it was touching his ears, grabs scissors and cut a huge chunk out). No chance.

    Rediculous pictures. Such a cool outing! Maybe next year we can go together and your boys can show the ropes?

    PS - nan's just renting, trying out city life. Ranch is too lonely, big and alone and having too many problems.

  8. What a great looking adventure! It looks like you had so much fun. The pictures are fantastic.