Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Gary and I have been talking on and off, for the past year, about buying a new camera; a Canon EOS 7D. Our cameras are great but if we want to keep improving and moving forward, I felt like it was time to upgrade the 40D we currently have (the 5D is still fabulous and will be our other main camera). We bought it last night. The 7D is great for so many reasons but for the 50 shots or so I've taken so far I have noticed that it shoots really well in low light and there is way less noise at high ISO's. Awesome for ceremonies and receptions and in homes!! It also does video which is a whole other aspect that I would love to learn and develop but don't have time for just know video and photos intermingled..awesome. I try not to think of the money (we did buy second hand, although it is only 5 months old, and will be selling the two lenses it came with) but we work hard and it's good to put money back into your business! It also has the vertical grip which I `need' and two 16GB cards. Being that my kids do not like getting their photos taken at all these days, I took it to my sisters house to try it out on her kids:)
Aren't Izzy's eyes incredible?!

Kenzie is just 7 weeks old and over 14lbs, she's huge. Very huge. She has started smiling although only when I was holding her which didn't work for getting pictures. We'll have to put her in one of her cute 6 month outfits next time:)
The picture below demonstrates the clarity at high ISO's and low shutter speeds in a dark room...shot at 1000 ISO with a shutter speed of just 1/40th (**oops, just realized it was ISO 800..sorry! Still, way more clarity at 1/40th than my 40D would've done!**).

I'm excited to have such a great camera. If anyone says that having a great camera is all you need for good pictures, I will not be impressed. You need to have an eye for it and you need to know how to use it!
I'm really hoping the weather for this weekend improves because I have 3 shoots that will be tres difficult to reschedule. Today would be a fabulous day for a photo session, that's for sure!!
Have a wonderful day.
Love, Louise


  1. Awesome pics. I love having "models" for you to borrow because then I get the great pics! Thanks! I do love how clear they all are. Nice.

  2. fantastic. i agree - you need the combo of good equipment, a good eye and the knowledge of how to use it all! And you've got it :)
    i'm super impressed with that shot at 1000ISO!

  3. NIIIIICE!!! So exciting! Last shot is totally impressive! And I agree...I have two sessions this weekend and even emailed one to see if they could come today instead and take advantage of this weather...sigh.

  4. Congratulations on your new camera!