Monday, November 15, 2010

Kai Bear

Kai's latest loves are the following:

1. Numberjacks. It's only on from 2:15-2:30pm daily so Kai wants to skip preschool to watch it. We are old fashioned and do not have a PVR. I ordered Numberjack books off of Amazon and Kai loves them.

2. Transformers. I just bought him a Transformer bathing suit and am the coolest mom in the world.
3. Dinosaurs. He has a Dinosaur Train colouring book and he will sit and colour for about an hour a day. Awesome!
4. Food. By the time I come downstairs at 8am, he has had two breakfasts already. He likes everything except for cream sauces and cheddar cheese.

5. He still loves Koen a lot and they love being silly together. Especially running around half (or not) dressed.
6. Preschool. He loves it. He has been writing his name for a few months but recently started putting more effort into the `k'. It was always `Xai'. He is so social and loves that aspect. We are currently making our biggest parenting decision; where to send him to school. The local new school just one block away OR the Christian School which is a 20 minute drive away.

7. Sleeping. He loves his bed and his Bubi and loves sleeping alone. He falls asleep about 2 minutes after laying down. I wish I could do that. He has been potty trained for 1.5 years but not at night. We have tried with some fantastic incentives, and even bringing him to the bathroom at night and restricting drink after 5pm, but it hasn't worked. I guess his body is not ready and I'm okay waiting 6 more months or so. I know he has tried his best.
Overall, Kai is an energetic and sweet boy. I'd actually consider him to be quite gentle as well. He is cautious but confident. As a former teacher, I'm uber sensitive to `acting out in class' type behaviour, but as my sister pointed out, I need to look at the whole picture. He is a wonderful little boy, who seems like he is more like 7 years old, than just 4. He is a big boy. A month ago, he weighed 44lbs. His 4T pants are now too short.
Kai Bear, mommy, daddy and Koen love you soooo much! You are so helpful with your brother and we love to see you include him in all you do. You are loved.


  1. Dinosaur Train is a hit in this house too - i wish it was on at more watchable hours.
    and i hear you on the school's rough. With the threat of our first choice school being closed - and the final answer tonight - we should have it narrowed down tomorrow! good luck deciding (it's so hard!) T is umm...35 :)

  2. It's hard for me to imagine 44 lbs. Noah has not even hit 30 yet! Adam probably will first :)

  3. Our 3 boys all went to the public schools in our area and it worked out very well for us.

    It would be so nice to have him going 1 block away rather than that 20 minute drive there and back twice a day - that eats up a lot of time!
    Tough decision I'm sure, but you can always switch at some point if circumstances change.

  4. Kaiser certainly is a great little man. The Curlls enjoy his company.

    What is the appeal of a Christian School?

  5. We just registered Shaylah at our local school last week for Kindergarten. We had three choices....Christian school (15 minutes away), French Immersion School (5 minutes away) or local school (2 blocks away). I decided it was important to support our local school and to have Shaylah live in the same neighborhood as her friends. It is a tough choice though! I went to a Christian school and always thought I would put my kids in the same school. As for size, Shaylah is currently 4 years old and wearing a size 6. She is super tall. It is also good to hear that Kai is still not totally potty-trained. Ashlyn has been trained for many months already, but Caelan still needs to wear diapers at night. It's a boy thing, I guess!