Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lego & Cuteness

Thank you to all of you that are joining in a 5 week challenge of trying to get fit (and hopefully lose 5lbs!). I'll be honest, I think making smarter eating decisions will make a world of difference. I'm eating a carrot as I'm typing away:) I've exercised 1 hour each day for the past 3 days. It's not easy to find the time but I feel better already. Hope you are all finding ways to get fit too!
I was going to buy them this for Christmas but I have such a hard time waiting when I know they could use it now, especially now that it's so cold out! This will be moving down the basement soon...but for today, they played on it for half an hour while I did the elliptical. AWESOME. I just need to give the disclaimer now: I know Koen's hair is hideous, it will grow back. It's just sooooo thin and there were some super long pieces so now it looks super choppy. I think it will look much better in a week or two. When I cut it, I realized he has the skinniest head ever.
Just a reminder that Kai is going to be on Breakfast Television on Friday at 7:40am (City TV, channel 13). We went in for a fitting and they need to get a bigger outfit for him as he's grown so much lately. It's a Columbia rainsuit and Sorel boots. I'm nervous that he will just lay down on the ground and have his grumpy face but I'm hoping that because they have us come 40 minutes early, he'll adapt and be his normal self!!
When I took Kai to the fitting, Koen slept at my sister's house. Kai actually cried in the van because he was sad to go somewhere without Koen. These two love being together so much, it seriously is the greatest thing.
I feel a little `off'. Not sure if it is because my friend is having her third boy on Friday and we've always had our kids together (and all C-sections). Not jealous, just wishing I knew how close we were to having our baby. So thankful for my boys and for baby nieces to hold. I just know that our family doesn't quite feel complete. Feeling a bit like I wish there was some way for people to know we were expecting without the belly, you know?
Basketball has started. This means that Gary is gone for many dinners each week. Dinner time is family time so that's a bit harder on the boys (and me!) Do you want to know my trick for relaxing dinners? I put on the `spa music' channel on the tv during dinner. It totally calms them and me down, I love it!
Okay, I've only got 45 minutes before I need to get Kai so I better get to work. In the meantime, aren't they cute?!


  1. very cute boys :) I don't think Koen's hair looks that bad!
    Hope the modelling goes well!

  2. they definitely are cute!! and I don't think koen's hair looks bad... i would never have even taken a second look at it if you hadn't mentioned anything! well done :)

  3. i don't think there's ANYThing wrong with Koen's hair. makes me feel like i should give some disclaimer about Ezra's!!! :)
    i am planning on watching Kai on Friday morning - can you remind us on Facebook at all? or even here again? i don't want to miss it!
    we play jazz music during dinner - i'm not sure if it helps, but at least the adults enjoy it :)

  4. 1) Yipee for you for the fit challenge.
    2) Koen's hair looked normal to me.
    3) The boys are cute!
    4) I'm excited to see you and Kai on TV...will be going to work a tad late that day so I can catch it:)

  5. I might have to come over and play lego with your boys!
    I love lego!

  6. Oh glad I came on..... Friday is tomorrow. I'll be sure to watch!
    The lego table looks awesome. It is so cute to see them playing there together. What a special bond those brothers have.
    Oh and the spa channel, one of my favorites......that and 'the light'!