Sunday, October 03, 2010

Run For the Cure | 2010

First off, I would like to thank everyone who supported me financially in the Run For The Cure, I really appreciate it. This day is always special to me because it is a time where we can focus on family and remember the one person who isn't there. Miss you mom, so much. I wish you were there to see all your gorgeous grandkids, there's so many of them now!!!
The weather was perfect and my adorable 6 month old niece, Sami, had some serious pink going on!
My sister Trish (below) kept Maria company in the stands as Maria is still recovering from her post pre-eclampsia. It's so interesting each year to reflect on where we were the year before. Last year, I didn't run because I had just been diagnosed with Graves' Disease and also, Sami and Kenzie weren't born yet.
Kai was really pumped about the `race'. He understood that it was a time to remember oma. Another time he mentioned that we are running the race so we don't get `cancered'. Sort of bittersweet...the term he came up with but the fact that it is a reality. He knows that some people get cancer and get better (like my dad) and others go to heaven (my mom). It's a hard balance in trying to get them to understand yet not freak them out about death.
Kai was so excited to wear a race shirt with his `super fast runners'. As you can see below, we needed to get Koen in a better fitting shirt:)
Family picture (with Kai's fake sad face)!
Team Dekens for 2010.
So, Gary took the boys in the jogging stroller for the 5km run and then took them out for the last 100m so that they could run to the finish line. You can see my bro-in-law running alongside him.
I could see Gary the whole time...he ended up about 4 minutes ahead of me.
This was Kai's highlight; running the last 100m in the race. He LOVED it. He also enjoyed the can of orange juice and popcorn at the end, just not as much as the finish line:)
Koen took it a little slower (the 5km runners finish with the 1km walkers....). Gary was the first double stroller in. There was a single stroller that juuuuuuust passed him.
Here's my dad and Doug finishing the 1km walk. Thanks to my sister Trish for taking the pictures for us!
Gary walked the kids back to the 100m mark to meet with me so we could all run in together. Kai has some serious speed (check out his stride below!) and I...uh, didn't. However, I ran the whole thing!!!! 5km!!!! Phew. Can't say I loved it at all. I don't know how I used to do that all the time. I used to enjoy running and exercise so much. Now, not so much. What is wrong with me? I just don't feel motivated to exercise. I mean, I love walking and playing sports, but to just work out for the sake of it, I'm not so into it. This is so not me, but maybe it's the new me. That would explain the 15lbs more that I have on me this year!

I ran it all in 35 minutes which isn't too shabby considering I haven't been running much. I can admit that my sisters that ran it (Jantina and Jackie) both beat me. Jan beat me by about 5 seconds:) I know it's not meant to be competitive but we can't help it.
We finished off with lunch at dad and Joanne's and the kids had a great time playing. I can't believe there are now 6 grandkids on the Dekens' side and there will definitely be a lot more in the years to come! It's so beautiful to see them all together and I know my mom would've loved it. I'm not sure what she would be doing with the kids, but I know she would definitely be holding the babies:)
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. I'm so glad you all had a great day running! We did too!

  2. glad the day went so well for you! WEll done on the run, for sure! I bet your mom would have been in her glory with all the babies/kids :)

  3. you ran the whole thing, that's awesome! i did it in vancouver... was going to run it but messed up my knee on friday so the run was impossible and it became a walk instead. oh well! just being there with everyone and the excitement and community feeling was so great.
    ps. your kids are so cute!