Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi everyone, it's me, Koen! I had a rough night last night, I was up until 4am. My mommy tried to sleep with me in her bed, on the rocking chair, and even in a toddler bed. Finally at 3am, she just let me cry. I'm breaking in 4 eye teeth and I'm super congested with a cold. I'm pretty miserable! Good thing mommy has a crazy thyroid that gives her lots of energy. I think that if I acted like this a few days in a row, mommy wouldn't have so much energy anymore.
Look what I'm wearing though! Undies!! I just really wanted to try them because they are so comfy and I love trying to use the toilet like a big boy. So far, nothing has happened on the toilet but I've kept my undies dry for the 2 hour time periods that mommy let's me wear them!
Yes, I'm pointing a painting stir stick at you...and then I will run down the hall and try to scratch the walls, I'm fun like that!
Come this way! Check out the dusty floor, yup, that's what we have to live with. You know what else we have to live with? Four couches in one small room and three boxes. It's kind of fun though. Know why?
We make lots of forts with the pillows and Kai likes to hide in them and pop out like a Jack-In-The-Box!

Okay, nap time! Tomorrow afternoon we are taking our family photos at the pumpkin patch and I'm going to be a super good boy, okay?
Have a good day.


  1. You must be exhausted!
    Koen looks super cute running around in his undies. He must be so proud of himself!

  2. Awwww, sorry for the bad night for both of you!
    i can't believe he's dry in undies for a couple hours at a time! That's incredible!!!

  3. Little boy undies - so cute! I'm hoping for your sake that this pride means really, really quick potty training (I have heard rumours of such things - not from first-hand experience though:)

  4. so cute!! Good thing too with not sleeping!!
    We have been gearing up for a potty training post too.......great job Koen!!