Monday, October 11, 2010


What a perfect weekend! We had thanksgiving dinner with Gary's family on Friday. Had a wedding on Saturday. Had a WONDERFUL family day on Sunday going to church, Redwood Park, and then a pumpkin patch. I have been reminded that being outside, in nature, with my family, is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing for me. Today we painted our basement and had my whole family over for thanksgiving dinner. It was great.
Thankful for living in a city of parks.
Thankful for two boys who love exploring nature, even more than I do!
Thankful for dimples and an a very animated talker that lights up my life.
Thankful for the conversations with my four year old which usually make me smile. Thankful for forgiveness so that we can move on after difficult days.
Thankful for ample family time and being silly together.
Thankful for kisses and hugs. Especially from a husband who always thinks I'm hot, no matter what my belly size.
Thankful that my kids love me so much, no matter how frustrated I get with them, or how many times I ask them to do something. They still want their momma. Usually:)
Thankful that the boys love playing together. Such an incredible blessing.
Thankful for a belly full of good food (cupcakes made by my sister Trish)
Thankful for family that is always there.
Thankful for nieces who I can hold and cuddle and giggle with while we await another baby of our own. And seriously the skirt on Sami was incredibly cute.
Thankful that my kiddos have so many cousins (Koen ran out of the picture), on both sides, that we see regularly. The furthest one (Sami) is just 45 minutes away.

(Do you like how Koen is holding a baby too? He's also sucking in his lip because he now has a fat lip/bloody nose. Poor bubs. Please note that Kenzie-1 month and Sami-7 months, are less than 5lbs apart:)
Thankful. Blessed. Content.
Love, Louise


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I love the photo of you with the 2 boys in the pumpkin patch where Kai is kissing you.

    Don't know how you painted your basement AND had a family dinner at your place, on the same day - you have more energy than I do!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    I have always heard you talking about Green Lake but had no clue that it was so close to 100 Mile. That would be so great if we could meet up! I know that the kids would have a blast together! We'll have to keep in touch...........

  3. Ah, beautiful post Louise! Great photos of your precious ones. Love the ones of all the grandkids together :)