Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Pumpkins

We had such a great time with Halloween this year. I cleaned out two pumpkins with Kai and then Gary carved them with him. Something so simple was so enjoyable! We had Chapman extended family photos (done by Gary and I) in the afternoon so it was a long day for the kids (hence Kai having no desire to look at the camera here). Both boys were sick. Koen even puked in the morning...good thing we did not carpet clean yet!! He puked, then I said,`Sh+&', then Koen said, `Sh+&' and then puked again. It was kind of funny:) Don't tell grandma.
Kai did not feel well enough to eat dinner (if Kai doesn't eat, he's sick) but was desperate to go trick or treating. We just took them out for an hour and they got TONS of treats. They had the best time ever. As soon as someone put something in his bag, Koen would say `Candy!! Ha ha ha!!'. We came home at 6:30pm and had at least 150 kids come to our door in an hour. We ran out of candy (we were even giving out the kids candy...Kai was totally fine with it and loved handing it out). So, we turned out the lights and hid:) Our neighbourhood is CRAZY for halloween.
Tomorrow at preschool they are having a dinosaur dig and I'm thinking Kai is too sick to go:( Kai is NUTS for dinosaurs (by the way, 4 pack of awesome dinosaur puppets at costco for $ boys love them!). Poor bubba.
We need to do more fun filled family activities. I feel like Gary or I are always busy with something and I love having time set aside to go on a little hike or go to the beach. We need to get better at that. It rejuvenates us as a family and the boys love any kind of exploring.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. Made me giggle :) and koen copied you! hehe :)

  2. Cute little pumpkin! I will look forward to seeing the results of your various photo shoots of this past weekend.

  3. I'm glad to see the Chapman clan had a great Halloween. Jackie and I did some pumpkin carving too - lots of fun.

    I guess little Kóen has a little Dutch mouth on him... I see you're teaching him the essentials. Really quite funny though.

    Tell Kaiser that Uncle Tyler hopes he feels better soon.

  4. Catherine7:53 PM

    I love the pics; they are both SO cute in their costumes! Hope everyone is 100% soon!