Monday, October 25, 2010


Apparently nobody cares about our linoleum (based on major lack of comments). I'm sorry, but we're kind of awesome.

This weekend I had one of my favourite photo shoots in Port Moody (will be posted in a few days) and we did the Fall Carnival photo booth at church again. When we arrived 15 minutes before it started, we realized there was no `set'. We had to borrow items (let's be honest, Gary went around stealing stuff from other booths) to make some sort of set with a fall-ish theme. Grandma and grandpa took the kiddos to the booths to get way too many sugary treats while Gary and I did photos.

Here is our family photo. Koen is having his first rocket pop (is that what they are called?) and is in a sugar coma. Later that evening, he was the craziest that I have ever seen him. Kai is just thinking this is the worst idea ever and just wants his bag of candy. I'm dreading Halloween and the month of sugar afterwards. Thank goodness some people gave plastic animals etc as prizes.

The reason I posted this picture? My overalls. It's always a country theme and I love pulling out these overalls. I bought them 12 years ago, from the GAP, for $110.00. That is the most I have ever spent on a piece of clothing (besides my wedding dress and the winter jacket that I've had for 7 years). I'm telling you, they were cool at one time. I had two serious boyfriends during the time that these overalls were actually public. People dated me while I wore those things. Wow. The thing about these overalls is that they are HUGE. Like, Gary could probably wear them. Seriously, what was I thinking?

Have a great evening.
Love, Louise


  1. We all had a pair of overalls like those.....the good ole days!

  2. you look cute in your overalls...and pigtails :)

  3. Um... I had a pair of those too. Only, I'm pretty sure they weren't "fashionable" at the time :)

  4. Hee hee, I too had a giant pair of overalls. I too, thought that they were awesome. At one point, I also owned a pair of 'short-alls' I'm fairly sure that they were never cool.

  5. i bought Ikeda overalls. HUGE. i can't remember how much i paid, but i know it was a lot too.

    ps. yes, you rocked the lino.

  6. you rocked the overalls. And I had them too, I clearly remember when I realized they were no longer cool.

  7. ROFL!! Marsalie is right, we all had them! Funny thing is, you're the only one who still has them...
    But very cute. And your lino was cool! I was interested!

  8. Good thing you saved those overalls for country dress up events and good for you that they still fit!

  9. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I also had awesome huge overalls...mine were cord just to add to the coolness :)

  10. I just re-read my comment and wanted to clarify that overalls were definitely cool 10 years ago, my short-alls not so much. Whew, just had to clear that up. And also, thanks to Kelly for reminding me of Ikeda. I wonder if the company went bankrupt, or if they are just waiting for overalls to make a come back. Obviously I have way too much time on my hands:)