Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dust and Ducks

Okay, it has been decided. The worst part about doing renos is not the money (by oh my goodness is it going FAST, do I seriously need to rent ANOTHER tool?! Door knobs cost how much?!), dealing with 2 crazy kids tearing apart the tool rental department (two visits in one day...dude said, `You must be tired by the end of the day!'), or the stress (oh, you gave me the wrong sized doors and I need the right ones NOW), it's the dust. I am so sick and tired of vacuuming, dusting, and steam mopping my entire main floor every single day. I think that all the dust producing jobs are now done. I think. So, next week, we will carpet clean the entire house. Fun times!
(looking down hall to laundry room, bedroom and bathroom)
The finishers finished today and so Gary and I will paint like crazy over the next 5 days to get all the baseboards, doors, trim and walls painted and caulked and whatever the heck you need to do to them. On Monday, the carpet is coming!!! I'm excited. Then I can move stuff down there. I'm a little sad that I bought the cheap berber carpet that matches our current basement stairs, but I think it is the right move with having 2 (or maybe more eventually) boys being wild down there and making a mess. Then, we just need the following; electrician to finish installing lights, us to put in the bathroom and laundry room floor, plumbers to put in toilet and sink. Then there are all those random things that add up to a billion dollars like closet organizers, shower curtain/rod, towel holder blah blah blah.
In other news, this is the book I'm reading. It says in the beginning that you could take one of two stances upon reading it, `Oh, everything is going to kill me anyway so I'm not going to change' or `I'm going to do all I can to live the healthiest life'. Now, I used to be more of the first type responder. I mean seriously, I have the worst genes in the world, I'm gonna get something no matter what I do. BUT, I wanna be around for my boys (and please, please, please...grandchildren!!) so I will do what I can to be healthy and to raise them as healthy as possible. Step one this week was buying a ton of glass containers. Small step, sort of expensive, but a good one. Can't believe it took us so long to just do that:)

Gotta go. Have a wonderful day.
Love, Louise


  1. It looks amazing Louise! Congratulations. I think your being so organized was the reason it was finished on schedule. It makes tackling renos here not so scary now that I know it's possible to finish on schedule!

  2. Getting all glass containers for our wedding was the best thing! 'Never reheating in plastic, all left overs are in glass.

  3. Wow, the basement does look amazing! Glad you got something out of the book.

  4. looks great. congrats. Is it bad that I am a teensy bit jealous after our year-and-a-half reno (with the paint still not scraped off the door's window and the mouldings in my office still not putty'd?) You're showing us up! Well done.