Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I feel so good emotionally. Not sure why, but I'll take it! Not that I'm usually sad, but I just feel exceptionally happy. It could be that Jen and Andrey have brought their daughter home, an old student of mine that had two major heart surgeries in two weeks is looking up (it wasn't looking so good a few days ago), and another old student who was in a major car accident is now in critical care and is responding to various commands (this is a huge improvement).

And, no seque to this but our basement renos are going well! The mudder finished today which means Gary and I have a terribly dusty clean up job to do. I picked up some `Kleen Sweep' which should make it a bit easier? We get to start painting tomorrow!! Woohoo!!! And by we, I mean Gary:) Well, we'll just prime it and paint the ceilings because the finishers come in Tuesday and the carpet is ready and will be installed on the 18th. Oh my goodness. We are finishing early, I know it! Just have to somehow do the bathroom and laundry room floors in there and then finish installing the bathroom fixtures and we're good to go!!
I have to say that hiring more professionals decreased our stress dramatically and was so worth it. I still feel like we are doing a decent chunk on our own and I'm impressed with us. The final cost will be closer to $11,000 than $9,000 but it's worth it when it cuts the time and stress down. Our neighbours did their basement by themselves over the time period of a year. No way, Jose! I cannot wait to carpet clean our main floor and upstairs and have a clean house from top to bottom. I guess I can do that after the finishers.

In work news, there was a giant barbecue at the school last night. It was a lot of fun but it really just reinforced that teaching is so not for me right now. I found teaching so stressful and exhausting. I mean, I loved it and thought I would do it forever, but man, is life easier now! I don't have to rush the kids off to daycare, I get to wear whatever I want, I can work while the kids sleep, I can clean my house and make meals, I can stay on top of laundry etc. I am SO incredibly thankful to have such an awesome job. I'm trying to find the balance. I had three days with no work (due to the weather) and I almost went crazy. I read a book, baked and cooked but just felt `off'. I love having just a couple of hours of work each day while Koen naps. By the way I read, `Secret Daughter' about an adoption through India, I liked it, mostly because adoption is on our minds daily around here:)

Okay, better wake up Kokies to go get Kai Bear. I have an engagement shoot at Crescent Beach this evening, the weather is looking awesome. Maybe I'll wear my new boots. I have a thing for boots.

Love, Louise


  1. Renos look great! How exciting...!! :)

    ...I, too, cannot wait to be able to wear whatever, do whatever and not have to work at 9-6 every day! :o)

  2. I'm very happy to hear you're feeling especially happy these days.

    Let's see a photo of those boots!