Saturday, October 23, 2010


This weekend we installed the linoleum in the laundry room and bathroom. In case you are interested, here are some facts:
1. Most places only sell a minimum of 12 feet so we got a 12X7' sheet and used it for both the bathroom and laundry room. Total cost? Only $160.00 from Nufloors. They had an HST free sale.
2. I was curious about installation (Home Depot currently has a $1.00/square foot installation sale which would've just cost us about $100.00) and Nufloors was going to charge $350.00. We decided to install it ourselves. Total cost? $20.00 (adhesive and trowel). Time? 2.5 hours.
3. We made one mistake. Crap. My bad. So, first you dry fit it in (actually harder than you think as we tucked it under the drywall), then you pull back one side and put adhesive (using a trowel) in semi circles, on every square inch. Note: every square inch. Then you lay down that side and apply pressure and roll it out to get rid of all ridges/bubbles etc. Then you pull back the other side and repeat. Now, the mistake. In the laundry room. I did not get enough glue in the very center as it was where it folded each time (does that make sense?). Did not know I had to cover every square inch, if I knew, I wouldn't have made the mistake. There is now a bubble of linoleum, that is not glued down, in the center of the floor. I know it's there. You might not notice, but we do! I totally, totally wish I had realized that last night. Was not on the online video I watched:(
The laundry room (still need a shelf/cupboard put up and Gary is currently putting the sink back in). Oh ya, one other mistake. The lid of the adhesive container got rolled into our linoleum and there was sticky adhesive on our lino. I washed it off but not with soap...let's just say that it's a bit sticky under the dryer:)

The bathroom. When it's done I'll show you the nice vanity light we have in...not sure why I didn't take a picture of it! It's much nicer than our ensuite one. This is the very last thing that needs to be done. The only thing, actually!!! We just need to put in the tub surround (I'm too scared to tile yet I'm also freaked out to put up the surround) and get the plumbers to put in the toilet and sink. Ta da! If you noticed that it is not sealed between the lino and tub, we know. We'll do that too:) Oh ya, and I have to put together a ridiculous closet organizer for the bedroom. I finished step 1 of a billion and got discouraged. Maybe I should have my dad over for some father daughter bonding, what do ya think?
Bon nuit.
Love, Louise

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  1. from the outside, this process is going very fast :) looks great!