Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fireman

1. Gary was gone all week, hiking, and is back and safe and sound. Nice. The boys were really good for me when he was gone.
2. I returned the basketball arcade hoops game. Very fun but just too big:( Thank you for your help. I usually need to bounce everything off Gary...I returned several things when he got home.
3. Kai had his preschool party day today. I sent him with the sniffles. I think both boys are getting sick AGAIN. The teachers have been doing a great job of keeping him separated from the other boy that gets him acting all crazy. I'm so thankful that they are aware of it and helping the situation:) Kai just wanted to dress up as a fireman...easy! We've had this costume for forever, glad it's getting used. I think Koen will be a pumpkin.
4. Plans for the weekend? Three photo shoots, trick or treating, installing the bathtub surround, church, and just good old hanging out as a family:)


  1. WOW - three sessions this weekend? Hope the weather turns out ok!

  2. aww adorable, what a smile! looks like kai is one of the tallest in his class??

  3. I love this photo- so cute! This photo definitely reminds me of my last couple days!