Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kai: Mr. Dramatic

(Kai isn't allowed Bubi downstairs because then he sucks his thumb. His excuse this time? `But mommy, I made a thumb sucking machine!').

First off, I just need to say a huge `YIPPEE!!!' as my sister is home from the hospital. I won't share too many details but she had a super, duper, tough first two weeks with Kenzie which included being hospitalized for 4 days with post pre-eclampsia. Kris totally took care of Kenzie and brought her to and from the hospital for feeds and snuggles with Maria. Thank goodness they live close to the hospital and that there they could get the care they needed.
(Opi's idea of babysitting 4 kids...stick them in a box)
Today was Kai's first party day. If you don't know Kai, he is very friendly and outgoing and confident. He totally displayed that all today. When the teacher told them to sing loudly, all I heard was him.
(He had some interesting moves!)
He did all the actions and did them..uh, with vigour. The parents were all smiling and laughing with him. At one point the teacher said, `Does everyone want to sing the warm up song?' and of course all the kids are like,` YA!!' and Kai says, `Well, actually, that song is too long for me' (aka too boring).
They are learning a different letter each week and so he recited the `B' poem loud and clear when the teacher asked for someone in the class to say it.
Kai had `Happy Birthday' sung to him as his birthday was in the summer. At one point, a mom turned to me and said, `He is so freakin' cute!!' Now, I know Kai is cute but I don't hear that often. Usually everyone just thinks Koen is cute and that Kai is well spoken. But yes, my Kai bear is such a character. I wonder if he'll be into drama. He would do anything in front of any size group and loves to be the center of attention.
Koen now cries every time we leave Kai. They truly are great buddies and I love to see their brotherly love develop daily. Can't wait to add a brother or sister into the day!!

Have a wonderful day.
Love, Louise

PS Renos: the mudder will be here until Friday Oct. 8th which puts us right on schedule!! We are actually finishing a week earlier because we have hired someone to do the finishing work right after thanskgiving weekend. Just have to make sure the carpet comes in time or I may freak out:)


  1. what a character :)

  2. Very cute kid indeed!

  3. So glad to hear that Maria is home!

  4. I love your dad using the big box to contain the grandkids! haha

  5. I also got a kick out of your dad's babysitting technique!

  6. Yes he is cute! :) And that picture of him dancing - he kinda looks like Gary there! :)

  7. verrrry cute! but you're a cheater for hiring a mudder...I dunno, I think you still owe me dessert if you finish on time...

  8. I am surprised that everyone doesnt tell you how cute Kai is. He is adorable! Both your boys are cute.

  9. Mel-we said at the very beginning that we were hiring a mudder/taper dude. That was in the original itinerary:) BUT, let me know what dessert you want and I can work something out:)

  10. great post. i love posts about both your boys but kai posts are especially amusing. what a great kid!