Saturday, October 09, 2010

Selling Mommy

Kai likes to use his words to hurt me when he is angry.
Me: Kai, it's 8:30am, we are not having a cookie.
Kai: Well, then I'm going to have a garage sale and sell you for $1.00 and then get a new mommy.

In other news, the kids are at grandma's (we are photographing a wedding tomorrow in that CRAZY rain) so Gary and I saw `The Social Network'. We totally enjoyed it. Time for bed.


  1. Shaylah has been telling me lately "you are no fun!" for the same reason. This too shall pass!

  2. oh my goodness - where does he get that stuff from? crazy!

    i may have to rent that movie tonight - i was humming and hawing about it last night. hope things work out with the wedding in the rain!

  3. You guys went to a movie! awesome! Must have been nice to have a date night, after such crazy weeks of reno ;)
    Hope it doesn't downpour for Kevin's wedding tomorrow.

  4. So fun... a trip to the theatre :) Must be nice to go out on a "date"! Good luck with the wedding. I hope the wind and rain take a break for you!

  5. I'd buy you for $1.00. You could be our personal photographer! (not like you aren't already...?). Have fun in the rain! Don't get sickly, now!

  6. WOW your kid is HILARIOUS! I hope it didn't hurt too much! It sure is good blog fodder, man! Belly laugh.