Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Did It!

So, Gary and I worked our butts off this week and we have hung all the drywall! Woohoo! Special thanks to the guys from church for doing the ceiling, my dad for working with me and doing such a diligent job, my bro in law Tyler for helping Gary several days in a row (and walking one hour to our house each time!!), and to Joel for finishing the bathroom with Gary today. I have to tell you, Gary did not complain at all and I've never seen him so focussed and hard working on something. I'm so proud of him!
Gary sealing off the basement for the mudder tomorrow. Please do not notice the terrible full length seam on the far wall, that was my bad, you are supposed to stagger them so there are no full vertical lines. We rented a drywall screwdriver from Home Depot, it was awesome. Today I went back and forth on doing the playroom with laminate flooring (better for studio) but I think we will go with carpet. It's just warmer and safer for the boys....I think.
The bedroom which will be Kai's eventually. He wants to move into it ASAP but I'm going to hold him off until he's a bit older. It has a great walk in closet and is right next to the bathroom.
The bathroom. The coloured drywall is the waterproof stuff. It should be all around but the other drywall was already there when we moved in...
The mudder comes tomorrow and does his thing, hope that goes according to plan!
I had 4 photography cancellations in the last 8 days. I never have more than one in a month so you can imagine that the weather has been sketchy!! We could've made it work on several of the days but oh well. So, now they are rescheduled which just means it will be a bit busier in the next few weeks. That's okay though because until we paint (in two weeks) I don't have a lot going on! For the first time since May, when Kai goes to preschool tomorrow and Koen naps, I have nothing to work on. I think I will just bake and make a nice meal. CRAZY. I'm excited.
Today while steam mopping the floor (for the second time in one day, the drywall dust is driving me CRAZY), I noticed fresh drops of blood on the ground. I checked Koen's mouth and nose out but couldn't find the source. As he was heading to bed, Gary held him upside down and I found the source. Koen had fallen (aka pushed by Kai) about an hour earlier and the back of his head had been pierced by a sharp toy. There was a small, deep hole that was still bleeding. The back of his head was all red with blood, boy, heads sure bleed a lot! He is one tough cookie:)
Me (I said a sentence with the word `stupid' in it which is a major no no in this house)
Kai: Mommy, you said a bad word!!
Me: You're right Kai, thanks for reminding me, I'm sorry.
Kai: Koen, do you forgive mommy?

Kai: Mommy, I had a bad dream last night.
Me: That's sad Kai, are you okay?
Kai: Well, you should've come into my dream.
Koen can now say `Happy birthday' and it could be the cutest thing in the world. He was even singing it today. CUTENESS. Actually, that's tied with him counting to three in swahili (I always say moja, and then he says mbili, tatu).


  1. Just reading these posts about your reno's makes me shake my do you do it????? What a rewarding project this will be to finish, considering you have done so much yourselves!!!
    And, I 've probably said it before, but Kai says the best the forgiveness line!!!

  2. Wow - you guys sure worked hard - Congratulations! You should be proud of yourselves for sure!

  3. SOOO glad for you the drywall is up! sorry about all the cancellations, but certainly enjoy these 'free' days! :)

  4. "Gary held him upside down" hahaha! :)

  5. Yay for having FREE time!!!!!!! :) Maybe you could take a nap, too? :)