Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fish Sauce and Olive Oil

Today was actually quite tough. Koen is driving me crazy and then I take it out on Kai too. I thought our house was pretty kid proof but it is not monkey proof. Today he got into my scissors, my computer desk (a MAJOR off limits in our house), poured juice all over the kitchen floor (which had been washed the day before), dumping a box of cereal into our shag carpet, and the worst was opening bottles of fish sauce and olive oil all over himself and the carpet. I don't know how you get oil out of clothes and just washing it did not do the trick. He can wear his oil stained clothes and stink like fish sauce because I'm sure he'll find something else to add to it. And added to that, he just makes a huge mess wherever he goes. Every. Single. Room. Must. Be. Destroyed.
You would think I wasn't watching him. This is what happens when I leave him for 3 minutes.
I am trying to get Kai on board with helping me instead of laughing and encouraging Koen. I think that is our new plan.
Do they have preschool for 1.5 year olds?!
We need this basement finished ASAP.
I usually enjoy cleaning my house but not at this rate!!


  1. WOW. that sounds like a new level of mischievous!

  2. Oh Louise, I feel tired reading this (regular housecleaning is enough of a chore, not to mention additional child-created messes:).. I was chuckling (with empathy of course:) until I hit the fish sauce.. that must be a real treat.

  3. Crikey!!!! Holy Mr. Mischief. Hang in there!!!

  4. I hear you!! Mikayla is much more of a challenge then even the twins. It is the tireless nature of them. I hope tomorrow is better for you.