Thursday, September 16, 2010

Renovations | Day 6 (and Koen)

The schedule for week one went right according to plan! Our wonderful electrician (nicest guy ever?!) is coming back tonight to finish his job. I mean, the plumber and electrician will come back after it's almost done to put all the fixtures in etc but for now, all good!
(The tub is in!)
(We'll have 6 recessed lights in the playroom...and really nice ones at that:)

Today we are having 45 sheets of drywall dropped off which means hopefully we can start on that soon. Gary needs to put in a vent to the outside (you know, drill through our wall...eek!) with his dad (for the bathroom vent) on Friday and then we will insulate away.
Koen is actually really stressing me out. We put the baby gate back up because I can't risk him getting into the basement these days. Yesterdays activities included eating 1/4 cup of margarine (using the butter knife) and picking every last unripe tomato off our vines and throwing them all over the yard. We have a lot of various tomato plants. This is what happens when he's unattended for 5 minutes. I love him like crazy and especially love the cuddles when he drinks his milk, but unless I am playing with him, he's causing trouble. I'm sure renos during this `monkey stage' are not helping. I have been off beta blockers for months but yesterday, I took two. I feels like my blood pressure is super high, even though it probably isn't. Love you Kokies!

Okay, that's my 5 minutes and I had to go get him twice (once for taking my entire purse apart and the other time for pulling a chair over to the edge of the basement to try to get over the gate). Gotta go!!!

PS When talking to Kai about Kenzie being born at Langley Memorial Hospital...
Me: Kai, do you know where you were born?
Kai: In a stable!!
Pretty sure that wasn't you buddy:)


  1. Ha ha, Kai's comment made me giggle. I may have also giggled (and gasped) at Koen pulling a chair over to get over the gate. One smart little monkey!

  2. Oh they can be so cute and so naughty. Finn calmly walked past me with a stool last week - Mike was upstairs and they were up to Finn-Daddy bedtime stuff so I didn't think anything of it.. Mike was distracted by a phone call and just caught Finn knocking out the screen about to climb onto the roof Ahhh! Congratulations on the new niece, what a cutie. Mike is back from grade 12 camp tomorrow and home for a few days before the admin conference.. I'll get him to give me some dates, it would be great to see you (I'm so not the busy one!!).

  3. Yikes, I can't imagine doing reno's with my 1.5 year old around! Brave lady! If you figure out a form of sedation, feel free to give me a heads up ;)

  4. :)
    big smile.
    thank you.

    gorgeous. so tiny.

  5. kai's words crack me up!! laughing over here.

  6. I could just imagine hearing Kai exclaim that in a high-pitched voice!

  7. Oh wow, I feel for you and Koen's monkey business. Here's hoping it's a short lived stage!

    Awesome comment by Kai.