Saturday, September 11, 2010

Renovations | Day 1

Phew. I'm exhausted and I wasn't even the one with a hammer in my hand:) Today a lot was accomplished! Our wonderful framing team finished framing in about 7 hours and did a great job.

My job for the day? Buy a right hand bathtub ($300) and buy the shower/bathtub ($120) kit. I thought I got a great deal on a bathtub but now I'm not so sure. It had a little, itty, bitty ding on the corner so I got $100.00 off. He was trying to tell me that it was originally an $800.00 tub but now I'm not so sure about that...sketchy dude.

So, some before and after's:
BEDROOM (looking towards the bathroom) BEFORE AND AFTER FRAMING
(Please note the plum paint on the ground, thanks Koen!)
Please note our lovely tub in our bathroom. Our plumbers are coming on Monday and doing all their plumbing stuff (and putting in the tub). Wednesday and Thursday is when our electrician comes in (dudes, quality recessed lights are PRICEY and we are getting 6 of them). THEN, it's up to us to insulate and drywall. YIKES!!!!! Right now I'm trying to figure out what to do for drywall, like, how many sheets and how to get it to our house:) Dude at Home Depot recommended just doing 4X8' sheets, thoughts?

I have learned so much already. I can't say I'm loving all these facts but it's probably good to learn sometime in your life...right? Like tonight (on my 5th trip of the week to Home Depot) I learned that the ceiling drywall should be 5/8" not the 1/2" that you put on the walls. Good to know. Too bad it's like twice the price. Yuck.

We have decided on carpet and now just need to make sure it's all ready to go in about 3-4 weeks:)

All right, that's it for now! Bon nuit.


  1. great progress in one day - wow! I can't wait to hear the final count of trips to Home Depot ;)

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I love how many times you said "dude" in this post :) Is that part doing renovations??
    Great start! Hope it goes well

  3. Okay. Totally worth it for 5/8 on ceiling (sound proofing). I even recommend the extra $100 for the sound-proofing drop rails (HD will know what you mean).

    Exciting progress.

    Coast building supplies is less expensive than HD - after $400 of drywall, mud tape etc its definitely worth it. Delivery is always a sham. If you can borrow a truck, great. We did all our drywall in a few loads on the roof of the wagon, but it's a bit of a mission.

    BTW, craigslist is AWESOME for building stuff. Doors, etc. Check it out.

    Exciting stuff.

  4. btw, yes on the 4x8 unless you have a drywall lift OR unless your mudder will change his quote for the 12'. If not, so much easier to handle.

    I hate how sexist I am. Unless your mudder will change HIS/HER...