Friday, September 17, 2010

Hot Date Night | Insulating the Basement

Yesterday our drywall was pouring so we improvised. I'll be honest, I only carried 3 single sheets down (they come in packs of 2). Gary and Tyler were machines!
Tonight I went to Home Depot to get the last of our supplies for insulating. I kind of felt cool buying my own T square. Last night we watched a super dorky DVD: `So You're Renovating: Insulating Your Basement' in preparation.

I made it just 2 hours down there before I felt like I could no longer breathe. I think we are about 1/3 done the insulating. Guess it's back down there tomorrow after we pack up our van full of insulation again (we can only buy 6 bags at a time). I started out pretty excited as I love learning new things. And then, well, it got a bit At least Gary does the ceilings and I just have to do the walls:) And let me tell you, the walls look nice. We're getting there!!!! Just have to plan our drywall party....


  1. Awesome! But I'm sure it does feel great to be learning and doing it yourself!

  2. Oh, I remember my days doing insulation... itchy between the fingers, stuffy mask on the face... it wasn't the most fun job. Good luck Louise (at least it isn't really difficult work).