Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kenzie (and the basement)

I went to visit my nieces today and it was the boys first time seeing baby Kenzie. Kai just whispered around her (I told her she was sleeping) and then ran outside. Koen spent a good 10 minutes staring at her saying `baby' over and over.
I had to take a few pictures of her but will be taking some better family photos in a few days. Here she is!
She is sleeping so well at night, maybe getting up to feed once or twice. I know that this can change, but for now, I'm happy for Maria!

She just looks like a 2 month old to me, just like my boys were....big!
And for the basement, sorry, I think every post will have a basement update.
Last night we had six guys over from church and for four hours all I heard was the sound of drills and it was awesome!! Who knew it could be so exciting? They finished the ceiling! I love people willing to help, especially when they have cool tools. I did learn a valuable lesson. The basement was not sealed off so there is now drywall dust everywhere upstairs. I steam mopped 3 times already and it's terrible. Let's just say it's sealed now. Not so great for our lungs. I did one piece of drywall today (cutting and hanging it) by myself and it took half an least I know I can do it!

(The finished ceiling!!)
I'm thinking of moving our studio into our garage so that I don't have to store it in the playroom and transition the playroom to studio any time that we want to use it. We'll see once it's done. Too bad the bedroom is to small to use as a studio, it's nice and out of the way.

Tonight I am taking the evening off to watch `my' two shows; Criminal Minds and Modern Family. So excited!!

Love, Louise


  1. oh my WORD, she's beautiful!!! also makes me think i need a new lens. but i think that almost all the time :) p.a.t.i.e.n.c.e.

    the drywall looks AWESOME!!! so exciting!

    i had to stop watching criminal minds - gave me nightmares :)

  2. Kenzie is so beautiful!! Your pictures are great as always...makes me wish we lived closer so you could take some pictures of our family once our newest arrives. Good luck on your adoption..we waited 3 years and things finally worked out. Praying you won't have to wait that long.

  3. Beautiful photos of your new niece!

  4. I love the hat with the ears - where did you get that? Kenzie is adorable, as usual. little model,

  5. Kenzie is gorgeous. Basement looking super duper.