Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Back To School

I am loving the back to school routine. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having Gary home for 2 months with a ton of family activity but there is just something nice about routine. I am so thankful that Gary brings home the bacon for our family. Ten years at one job could get kind of boring but he does what he can to spice it up (like teaching his favourite course; LEAD).
Kai's `Just take the picture so we can go to preschool' smile:) He was so happy to be back there again. We found out that one of his best friends is moving away in a month and he was very upset.
I had to pretty much shave his head yesterday to try to fix the haircut he gave himself.
Koen wanted to be in a picture too.
His cheese face is hilarious. And...just to see the fun they had minutes before leaving for preschool, a diaper (and dirty laundry) party. Apparently it makes the room more comfortable?

Koen has been a full time job these days. He got into the paints in our basement and made a lovely mess. Plum paint, all over. Today he got back into it. Great. I don't remember Kai being this monkeyish but I guess he was, it's just a stage. Right?!

In other news, which is way more exciting, our very good friends who have been in the adoption process for over 2.5 years have been matched!!! I'll wait until they blog about it but ya, so very cool. They are now the parents of a beautiful two year old girl!! Gary and I were giddy when we got the call from them. So exciting.

Bon nuit.

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  1. cute monkey boy :) glad kai is so happy to go back to preschool!
    huge congrats to your friends on their little girl - that's awesome!