Monday, September 13, 2010

Life Around Here

1. Babies: for some reason, every time I see a pregnant woman, or a baby, I get teary eyed. Not because I'm jealous but because it's beautiful. I'm so happy for them. I saw a friend at church who is due in three weeks and tears fell from my eyes when I asked how she was doing. I guess it doesn't help that my sister is 10 days overdue and there will be a new baby here soon! I look forward to our baby to be but know that now would not be the best time.

2. Renos: the plumbers were here for 5 hours today (and probably 1 hour tomorrow)and our bathroom is all ready to go! Well, you know, tub is in and the plumbing is in. Ha, it has a long ways to go! Great plumbers (one is my bro in law)! So far, so good! I think in our first week of renos, we will put in $2000.00. Wow. Framing, Plumbing and Electrical (that includes parts and labour). I have ordered the drywall (and about 10% more than I think we need) and will go pay for it tomorrow (okay, add $500.00 to the total!). It will be delivered on Thursday. Does anyone know a good drywall mudder? I have one lined up for a quote but would like one other one, just to compare. Organizing all this is like another full time job. Thank goodness I don't have to actually do any of the framing, plumbing or electrical...I'm already losing one precious hour of sleep each night just thinking about the renos.

3. Work: I have been working way too much. I know. However, it is paying for the adoption and renos so it's necessary. And, let's be honest, I enjoy it, I'm learning a lot and I love feeling productive. I stopped accepting bookings for 2010 a while back and am already booked up several months for 2011. I have 4 shoots this week, then 3, then 2, then 1. Ah. Can't wait!! Although then we are doing the photo directory for never ends! November. Yes, then I will relax. For sure. No matter what!!! I have decided that next year I am going to have a monthly max of 2 weddings and 2 regular sessions. That's it! I will stick to it.

4. The Boys: Kai already has his first back-to-school cold. Took two classes to get it. So awesome. I think Koen must be getting it because along with being a monkey today, he was a bear! I had my two nieces over today to give Maria (my 10 day overdue sister) a break and it was a little busy. Ani pointed out `Four kids is a lot, especially when one of them is Koen'. SO TRUE. The older three, no problem! Actually, I shouldn't complain, Koen played nicely with them for a whole hour while I worked. AWESOME. I know that Ani would tell me in a second if anything was amiss.

I know this is boring. This is my life right now. Kids. Renos. Photos. I think we will book off the two weeks of spring break to do a fun family trip, maybe Tofino? The boys would LOVE it. Maybe just Green Lake, that's the easy thing to do:)

And some random Kai comments from the last week:
1. Kai: Mommy, smell my belly.
Me (smelling): Uh, what am I supposed to smell?
Kai: I ate some ham!

2. Kai: Mommy, I made this picture for God. How can he reach it?

3. Me: Kai, you may not not call Koen a penis or any variation of it.

4. Kai: If I eat the salmon, I will die for sure.


  1. Kai is hilarious :)

  2. Mark & I had a good laugh this morning from all the funny things Kai says. I teared up a bit. Still smiling, thank you.

  3. I can't find the # for the guy who did our drywall, but i'll keep looking and hopefully give you the info later today.

    i do hope you will get some time to relax in the next bit - i'm glad you have a limit for next year! :) And let's be honest here...we love seeing all your pics, so the busyiness is not minded by me!
    Sayings by Kai...hilarious!
    and this is not a boring post - your blog is one of my tops for favorites to read.

  4. poor Maria! I was going to ask Sarah if she had her baby yet. I thought for sure she would've!