Friday, December 04, 2009


Today Koen grabbed a whole apple and ate it while he walked around the house. And climbed on things. When did he get so old?! Who eats an apple with just 3 teeth?
He had a great sleep the past two nights, let's hope it continues!

This is why I have fewer pictures of Kai lately. All I get are goofy, silly smiles. Here he wanted me to show you his newest concoction...
Cheerios on bread. I think he felt quite proud of himself for his invention:)
Apparently Koen loves lasagna. More than anything. A friend of ours made it for us so this is going to be her thank you card:)
And, my hair straightened. Hair cut by Kim, who came to my house and did it while Koen was napping:)

By the way, I was supposed to start back at work on Monday. Strange, strange feeling.
Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Gary's got a basketball tournament so we'll see if we do anything fun...
I'm going to be posting some updates on my thyroid too, so maybe check it out in a day or two:)


  1. your hair looks great!

  2. hey love that pic of koen with the pasta!
    love your hair!
    where is garys bball tourny?

  3. where did you go to get your hair done?

  4. your hair looks fabulous! Love that pic of koen with the lasagna all over his face... Priceless!

  5. You look gorgeous!

  6. I LOVE your hair. I also love the new pics at the top of your blog.

  7. NIce hair! LOVE it!

  8. Love your hair!

  9. Yeah, smokin' hot momma! Dang. (yeah, and I guess your kids are cute, too) ;)