Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jackie's Bowling Birthday

Every year, for my sister Jackie's birthday, we have dinner together and all go bowling. We always try to make her birthday extra special because it is the day before we all celebrate Christmas together (Christmas Eve). This year, we had everyone at our house.
Koen was pretty interested in Izzy and she even hugged him which he loved.
We had a super yummy dinner and Jackie was about to blow out her candles...
When Kai blew them out for her. Check out Maria and Tyler's face. We had to re-light them and try again....
This totally shows Kai and Ani's personalities. Ani being very concerned that Jackie be able to blow out her own candles. Kai wondering how he can blow them out AGAIN with Jackie's arm in the way.
Kai loved bowling. I'd say that for about 7 of the frames he purposely got gutter balls because he thought that was really fun and I think he just liked yelling, `Gutter ball!'.
Knocking down his first pins.
Koen was a monkey. Seriously, the is about 5x busier than Kai. We are, and are going to continue to be, VERY busy with this boy. He did fall off a step and get a fat, bloody lip. He was okay a few minutes later. He does this almost every day.
Trish and Steve (Nut and McSteamy) be married on March 6th. You need a nickname in this family. I am `Weezer'.

Jackie and Tyler hanging out with Koen while he is sitting still! Tyler won highest score...followed by McSteamy (Steve) followed by me:)
Well, we are off to the beach (it's sunny on Christmas Eve!) and then off to the Dekens' celebration at my sisters.

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  1. THANKS for hosting us all, Weezer and Gary. GREAT food! And of course, great company! :)