Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, when you find out that you might not have an illness that will affect you for the rest of your life, what do you do? Apparently, you buy your littlest son some cute brown boots with fur (don't worry, only $12), you buy your older son a ridiculous Handy Manny gift for Christmas (which you think is super useless but apparently he wants it sooooo badly?!) and you make a yummy salmon dinner for your husband (and give him a few more kisses than you normally would).
Koen and I now have matching boots:) I also got a great craigslist find on some good toddler shoes for Koen (size 4) for $5.00. It was time to get out of the Robeez for this crazy cold weather.
Below are the crocheted rooster and penguin that Melissa made for my Kai Bear a few months back. We were taking pictures of them for her and he HAD to hold them.
Yesterday we had Izzy over as Maria and Ani went to the dentist. At their house, Kai gets dressed up like a princess, but at our house, I got her in some blue!
Izzy is a little shy and likes to wear her sunglasses until she feels comfortable. It took her about an hour to take them off!
Kai is not a lover of arts and crafts but maybe that's because I don't let him play with glitter, scissors and glue like they do at preschool:) By the way, Kai's favourite snack of the month is still apple slices, but his favourite lunch? Pickle sandwiches. Seriously. Toast with pickles. Nothing else.
And....2 of the reasons why I'm glad I have nieces...
Pink boots and pink bows.

I got to go to Gary's bball game last night and they won so that was cool. So strange to be back at the school, especially since the building has changed so much. I'm so thankful that they found a wonderful, female (not that it matters but I think it's very good for kids to see women passionate about science), science teacher to replace me!

This afternoon we got Koen his booster H1N1 shot and we're enjoying some quiet time before getting Kai from preschool.

We (I) were wondering whether to put up the tree, or maybe just the top section of it on a table, but Gary has convinced me that Kai will love it so much, we have to do it. Apparently he thinks that monitoring Koen day in and out will not be exhausting. I think ornaments will have to remain on the top half of the tree. We'll be putting it up tonight because Gary is basketball free tonight!

Yippee for decorating the tree and then a little tv with Gary:)


  1. You definately have "pink" nieces. I think Ani may have something to do with that. She ALWAYS has to wear pink! Izzy wears those sunglasses sooo much - along with her dora toque, and refuses to take them off many times! I did not recognize her in the blue when I picked her up.

  2. love yours and koen's boots! i agree with you about the tree. we really want one, but are probably only going to decorate the top half. had a test run with asher at my oma's and he definately loved pulling decorations off of it! oh good times, eh?!

  3. Izzy's sunglasses are sooo cute! You should see our tree, as Noah decorated the bottom and his favourite ornaments were those primary coloured non-glass balls, so those ornaments are only at the bottom of the tree. It looks funny, but cute too :)

  4. LOVE the matching boots - CUTE! And I seriously thought it was ANnie, not Isabelle, colouring with Kai!!

  5. I love your matching boots! They are so adorable.

  6. i love the matching boots. ilove the nieces and nephews! and i m trying to love my last 3 months without one of my own!!! drop them off anytime though....