Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Everybody Dance Now

Monday was such a good day. I just felt good. Like, almost normal!! The kids were pumped about the snow. We played outside, Kai and Koen went sledding down a hill, we drank hot know, the perfect wintery day. Kai was so well behaved, I even took both of them to get my blood test done. Kai, loose in a BC Biomedical building, full of needles and vials, while I'm stuck in a chair with a needle in my arm. He did fabulously!! He just asked a ton of really good questions. Koen was in the stroller, I'm not that crazy:) Afterwards Kai said, `Mommy, I had really good behaviour! Yahoo!'. By the way, if you live in the Langley/Surrey area, the Willowbrook BC Biomedical is the best one...I've never had to wait more than a minute!
(I asked Kai to sit next to his brother. This picture looks so unnatural to me because Kai is sitting and not doing anything.)
Had our care group Christmas social last night. Gary had a bball game (they won!) so I went alone. Lots of good food and fellowshipping. Thanks to my sis Maria for babysitting! I've had a sore throat all week but last night it really starting kicking my butt and today I feel knocked out. Had to cancel today's plans and I just feel gross. So ready to be healthy one day....
(Kai is loving the snow this year!)
Koen (dare I say it) has slept 14 hours straight for the last 3 nights. Yippee!! He has another bottom tooth coming through but it only seems to make him a little monster like during the day. Phew. His mouth is very jack-o-lantern-ish:)
Kai has gone to bed at 6:15pm the last three nights for giving Koen naughty things. It always happens around 6pm-ish. I wonder if it's because he's getting tired? I wonder if he does it because he hopes that Koen will get in trouble for being bad? Regardless, these kids need to be constantly supervised when together....especially if Kai is tired.
(Maybe I should leave Koen in this snowsuit all the time...greater protection from big brother Kai)
Tuesday was a snow day for Gary! This made my day much easier as I had to head down to Vancouver to the Eye Care Center and that way Gary could do the preschool pick up for Kai.
The Eye Care Center was truly remarkable and there is more about it on my thyroid blog. My eyes are paying for it today though, sore, sore, sore. Basically my eyes seem to be improving overall and we'll check back in a few months to see where they are at. He was a wonderful ophthalmologist who was validating, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

I made these `Amazing Veggie Burgers' the other day. I forgot how much I loved them! This is a different recipe, from the `Today's Parent' magazine, so I just tried it out. I used a bean medley instead of black beans. I also love a little cumin in my veggie burgers and omit the bbq sauce on the kids ones to reduce the sugar. Koen loves them easy for a baby to eat as it is soft (yet they can feed themselves) and nutritious. I think everyone should make a veggie burger once in their life...just to try it out:)

Finally, I am working on a dance routine with Koen, Kai and myself. It is me. We dance to `Everybody Dance Now' which Kai LOVES. Okay, I use the words `dance' and `routine' loosely. Koen starts off with his arms waving in the air and then Kai does his routine dancing on a bench and then he likes me too spin him and finish dancing on the ground. Basically, it's a good way to get the sillies out. May have to capture it on the video camera one day:)

Oh yes, if you are interested in newborns at all, check out this post by Melissa's mom about the benefits of skin to skin contact.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. hey louise
    Cute pics of the kids
    Too bad the snow didn't last long.
    Our kids didn't even get a snow day out of it!!

  2. I love the Eye Care Center too! I don't go there any more because my opthamologist retired. Only have to go to New West now, and when you have to go every 2-3 months, that really helps. I love your blog!! You and McMama are very, very good at it!! Adorable children....your Kai and Koen!!

  3. I think that one picture of Kai looks like he's thinking about being a bit mischevious with Koen!

  4. Cute pics of those boys! Makes me actually kinda wish I was in the snow! (For a day)

  5. koen's snow suit is awesome - where is it from? or what brand?
    i may have to try those veggie burgers - they look great!

  6. Kelly, the snowsuit was from Extra Foods. It was just $14.99 and i got it on the tax free day:) Not bad. It's really comfortable and keeps him nice and toasty. There are booties (is that what they are called?) that attach to it to for in the stroller etc.

  7. Sign me up for the dance video preview! I am going to check out that veggie burger, as we are always looking for new burgers to add to our repertoire. And... Koen reminds me of the Staypuft marshmallow in his snowsuit - I just want to give him a HUGE squeeze!