Friday, December 18, 2009


Before I forget....I was never told that Santa was real and so I hadn't brought it up with Kai either. I don't know how big of a deal I will ever make of it and I won't get into all the reasons of it now:) Anyway, I decided to tell Kai that Santa sometimes brings kids gifts. The reason I told him is so that he wouldn't ruin it for any of his friends in case they believe that Santa is real. I asked Kai what he would like from Santa. Kai's response? A sprinkled donut. I think that Santa might just visit to give him this wallet friendly gift:)


  1. Livi is still young for this conversation but I've been wondering what I will do. Jon and I were both the kids that ruined it for other kids. Our families did not even let Santa in the house. I like the fact that Santa stands for imagination and mystery. I have no experience with knowing how kids deal with Santa not being real when they find out when they are older. I hope it isn't too traumatizing... we are probably going to foster a belief in Santa though.

  2. We have told our kids that Santa is pretend, just like Bob the Builder, Wonder Pets etc. They know that it is Sean and I who put the gifts under the tree and in their stockings. I have also told them that people like to pretend in Santa so if someone asks them, "What do you want Santa to bring you?" that they are to just answer what they would like for Christmas. We just focus on the other aspects of the holiday. It's really become one of those non-issues.

  3. I was going to add that they know songs about Santa and have read Santa stories and enjoy them just as they do any fiction stories. We know that talking animals are just pretend, yet they love stories about that. I guess my point is that we don't believe in Santa, yet I don't worry and avoid the whole concept.