Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just need to respond to the latest poll where I asked, `If you could have any of the following, for free, at any time, what would it be?'
a. nanny (7%)
b. chef (33%)
c. housekeeper (56%)
d. IT person (0%)
e. landscaper (2%)

I chose nanny. I actually love cooking, baking and cleaning, BUT, not when the kids are around me whining, complaining, beating eachother up etc. I would love to have a nanny that could take the kids to the park, so that they could get their energy out while I cleaned or cooked. Also, I would say that because we need to go out a lot for photo shoots and weddings etc, finding a babysitter is a little frustrating. I don't trust a lot of people with my most precious little boys! I think a lot of people who do not have a mom nearby or willing or alive would understand how it's sometimes just a little bit more difficult.

Also, Gary was like `You put IT person?'. Well, ya, computers drive some people CRAZY. I should've added massage therapist. I think I would've picked that one, I would love a daily massage!

Which one did you choose? Why?


  1. I chose chef - because I HATE making dinner! I don't mind the rest of the stuff - except IT stuff, but now I have a husband that can deal with most of that stuff.

  2. Maria, if your kids and husband loved a huge variety of foods and everything you made, would you mind it as much?

  3. I chose housekeeper. I hate cleaning the house and I especially hate it when the 3 little ones mess things up immediately after I cleaned them. I would way rather be making the mess WITH my kids and have someone else come behind us and clean up the aftermath. I would love to take the kids to the park and come home to a fully cleaned house! That is a fun question.

  4. I chose housekeeper because I don't enjoy cleaning and thus my house suffers for it! I'd rather spend the time making the mess cooking or playing than cleaning it up :)

  5. Chef: I find the pressure to make heart healthy meals all the time a difficult task . I love food, but when I make it I usually don't want to eat it (especially meat).
    If massage therapist was on the list I would have done that one that instead.

  6. Housekeeper!!!! I hate to clean but love a clean house! Though as a fellow basketball widow I can empathize with wanting a nanny lately..

  7. I find that from the moment I wake up in the morning to when I get to go to bed, there is always something that needs to be cleaned- I LOVE cooking- but creates a lot of mess in the kitchen from prep to clean up- once you throw babies in the mix sometimes it feels impossible to clean... that's why my dream would be to have a housekeeper... even just once a week!

  8. I think that if I was working outside of the home, I would probably choose a housekeeper. However, right now I seem to have more than enough time with my kids and wouldn't mind a breather now and again. Like Haley mentioned, being a basketball widow is a whole lotta extra time at home, with the kids, by yourself! Probably an extra 20 hours a week. Why oh why did Kai stop napping:(

  9. I chose Chef because a) I dont have any children so I dont need a nanny, b) I live at home so I kind of have a housekeeper although I do help out a lot c) my brother is good with computers so I dont need an IT guy, and d)my dad does everything and in Australia, my boyfriend does since he used to be one... so I think I have all the bases covered... One of my brothers is chef but since he does it for a living, the family doesnt benefit as much... oh well!

  10. Anonymous2:26 AM

    housekeeper-it's just a neverending task with little ones around....i think i haven't had a proper home since giving birth for the first time....

    oh and my housekeeper is very welcome to do the laundry as well:)


  11. def. a landscaper. our front yard needs an overhaul and my husband hates doing yard work...

  12. I chose housekeeper, I think probably for the same reason as Marsalie. I have always felt that I would far rather play with my kids and do outings than clean my house, and resent the time that cooking and cleaning take away from playing with my kids. Granted, there are ways around that: get your kids to cook or clean with you, but I'm not all that good at getting my kids involved. I like cooking more now, but I have never liked cleaning my house.
    I think you are correct in saying that since you are at home AND a basketball widow, a break would be fabulous!! And that is why you'd rather have a nanny. Good thinking.
    Particularly with 2 kids in school, I don't need as many breaks from them, I would rather appreciate more time with them. So a housekeeper would free me up enormously.
    I'd like a nanny for the run-to-the-store aspect, or for stress free kid juggling between two shift workers, but most of the time I would want to shoo her away because it would feel like another person underfoot that I would have to find things for her to do, you know? Like another kid to entertain.
    Good thoughts!

  13. Landscaper. To have different ideas specific to our yard. I love working outside, but would love to bounce ideas off someone who knew what they were doing.

    BTW, between landscaper, (craigslist-limited) interior decorator, architect and electrician... it'd be a toss-up.

    Sorry you're sick Lou. Healthy-up!