Wednesday, December 02, 2009

11 Months Old

My baby is 11 months old!!! Here are some tidbits:
-still 21.5 lbs (for about 3 months now...I believe Kai was 2lbs heavier at this point). Still in size 9-12month pants. I'm assuming this lack of growth is due to moving a lot and has nothing to do with my thyroid medication.
-proud owner of three teeth (one on the bottom and two upper fangs:)
-always covered in bruises and scrapes as he is fearless and has a rough older brother.
-rarely cries when hurt, it helps when you have a rough older brother.
-can walk at least one block on his own
-LOVES his big brother and wants to be wherever he is
-loves mommy and daddy, especially when daddy had a beard
-loves the bathroom and is a wild animal in the bathtub
-loves bubbles
-loves the remote control
-has 1-2 bottles of whole milk per day, maybe 2-4 breastfeeds per day (although as soon as we started giving whole milk my milk supply disappeared and I'm not going to work on getting it back. He can, but I'm not. I think that for my health, now is a good time to stop. I went one month longer than I thought I would. I'm proud of myself!).
-TOUGH month on the teething and sick front. He now wakes up two times in the night, 1am and 4:30am and does not stop crying. He is doing his painful crying so I think his teething is just hurting so bad. I just feed him and 10 minutes later, he goes back to sleep. This has been tough on me just because I need my sleep to get better! I've tried ignoring him and he doesn't stop which just stresses me out. Gary is `allowed' to have nights off from watching Koen because he's just so busy with bball and work right now so I totally understand.
-loves food. At the doctor's office, he took a mum mum and tore it apart while clenching his fists and shaking his head. The doctor said he was like the Hulk. He seriously does this all the time. Silly guy. The thing we give him quite often is bread and bananas just because it's easy but he will eat anything and everything. He REALLY loves pureed cauliflower, and so do I!
-he loves being rough and wrestled with. Because his reflux is gone (that seems like so long ago now!) we can dangle him upside down and toss him around and he's totally fine. He is a total monkey.
-isn't really interested in saying anything. He does say the `mama and dada' but just babbles more than anything.
-he has an insane amount of energy. Yesterday, he only napped for 20 minutes the whole day and was just go, go, go. He is going to keep us VERY busy.
-I know you know this by now, because I say it too much, but I love him so much. Incredible amount really. Even when he's crying at night, I'm not mad at him, I know he's just hurting and I understand. I will always, always be there for you Kokey Pokey. He brings us so much happiness, especially when things get a little tough, he makes us smile. And laugh. And thank God for such a wonderful blessing that he has been to our little family.
We are also so thankful for Kai. Kai has had a tough week as he is sick with a cold (which he nicely shared with Koen after Koen got over his flu). He may have watched a bit too much tv this week but it really helps my sanity. He had a major meltdown outside today, and of course it was in front of my neighbour. Thanks bud. Glad you had to sit in the stroller so your 11 month old brother had to walk?!
Kai asked me to take these pictures of him. He loves doing silly things and then says `Take a picture!'. He is loving preschool. A lot. I love that he loves school:) Kai did the sweetest thing with Koen. As I was feeding him a bottle, Kai rubbed Koen's cheeks and said, `Mommy, isn't Koen so cute? He's so cute and he's sooo precious!'. He also calls him `The Koke-inator' all the time which is pretty cute:) I really needed that because all I do all day is referee these two and it's exhausting. Nice to see a glimpse of what could be!
We got Candyland for free with the $10 coupon off of the Rice Krispies box. We have played several times and I have to say, it's not that fun. At least he likes it!

Well, the Koke-inator is up. Let's be honest, he never slept. Oh well, I tried. MONKEY.

Finally, I will try not to complain about basketball (and how it steals my husband for 4 months a year) but I think there may be a rant coming up soon.....

Oh yes, by the way, there is another post below.


  1. Happy 11 months!!

  2. pureed cauliflower? seriously?
    He's so old already! Wow.