Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost One

I cannot believe it. I totally forget about the pain of recovery, the reflux, the crying, and living in a sleepless daze for months and months. All my memories are of feeding him, snuggling, watching him learn to sit, crawl and walk, giggles, playing, chasing, and just getting to know this super sweet and mischievous boy. So thankful for my boys. Their boy-ness, sweetness and how they changed my life. I'm talking about all three:)
Gary and I are making white hot chocolates now. Looks sooooo yummy:)


  1. What a gorgeous boy! Remind me how rewarding it all can be in a few months, okay? Although I think your kids are false advertising!

  2. cutie pie! Happy Almost Birthday Koen!

  3. Those dimples are too cute!!