Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

These last few days have been way too busy for me. I mean, it's good to hang out with family and eat good food, but you off of their schedules and staying up too late = EXHAUSTING.
Wed: Jackie's birthday dinner at our house and bowling
Thurs: Went to the beach with the boys and then Christmas Eve dinner, presents, and church with my side of the family.
Friday: Chapmans christmas dinner and presents.
Saturday: Visited my best friend Lynette's chicken farm and...I may have gone boxing day shopping:)
(Starting off with some Crescent beach pictures)
I felt like a bit of a scrooge this Christmas and I don't know what's wrong with me. I sort of have an issue with presents. I see my kids getting just as much joy from playing at the beach or having other experiences than they do getting a gift. I didn't feel super pumped giving them gifts. Gary was more adamant about getting them stocking gifts and presents and he got me more than what he was supposed to as well. I just feel like my kids already have so much and what the heck are we going to do with all these new toys? Oh well. The kids had a good time and I enjoyed all of the food. I wish I could've relaxed a bit more with the visiting but when it's from 5pm onwards, at someone else's house, it just makes it difficult because Koen needs to be in bed by 6:30pm and he won't sleep anywhere else.....Church was also a disaster as it started at 7pm.
This shows the only time Koen has held my hand walking...while going over rocks heading straight for the water.
We didn't get to walk very much because Kai just wanted to throw rocks in the water. It was FREEZING but beautiful.
Koen had to be restrained the entire time because he just wanted to walk into the water. He is fearless. (Yes, I still need to wear sunglasses outside as my eyes are still quite light sensitive).

Christmas Eve was at my sister Maria's house this year as my dad's house was torn down last month. In this picture, we had tried to get a picture of the grandkids on my dad's lap and someone peed on him:) It wasn't Ani or Kai...Please note the `beautiful' necklace that Ani and Kai made for him.
(Yes, Kai is shirtless. He gets so hot running around non stop!)
Kai with Handy Manny. He also got some trucks, cars, puzzles, games, tractors, books, and a `Cars' pillowcase that Joanne made. Joanne made us all (all my sisters, their husbands, and kids) a pillowcase that was personalized. Gary's was basketball, Kai's was from the Cars movie, Koen's had monkey's and mine had my name on it.
We just got Koen a ride on fire truck. He LOVES it. I turned around for a second and he had climbed into the box. He is so cute.
Kai loves pushing Koen on the fire truck at very fast speeds. Fortunately, Koen seems pretty stable on it. So far. I was just pumped to see the two of them laughing together.
Kai's cousin Kieryn reading him a book...
And a picture of Gary. Kai was so pumped to give his 7 cousins the magnets he had made. He would give them their gift, jump up and down saying `Open it! Open it!' and wait until they opened it and then moved on to the next one. Nice to see him enjoy gift giving as well:)
I did go shopping today. I haven't really bought any clothes in the last year or so because I was pregnant and then my body was changing so much from exercising and then getting sick to getting a little healthier. I think I am at my normal weight now. I seem to have plateaued at about 3 lbs above my married weight which I am very comfortable with. It's hard to know what to buy when you are not working....what kind of clothes do you buy? Oh well, I'm happy with my new pair of pants, 2 sweaters, and 2 shirts! I also got Gary a few things. I'm a sucker for deals and I think all of them were 50% off.

Well, that's it for the Christmas post. We didn't really get any good pictures as we had our hands full the entire time and the lighting was always bad. Oh well. Good memories for Kai Bear, that's for sure. He had a blast...and not just from presents but from running around with his cousins. I wish I had the mindset to focus on the true meaning of Christmas a bit more but it seemed to just get pushed aside with all the running around. I only delved as deep as a 3 year old level while going through it with Kai.

Oh ya, wanna know what I got from Gary? I got the Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book with new piping bags, underwear (can I say that here? He does it every year), Purdy's English Toffee, and a white gold heart necklace that I had wanted. Wanna know what I got him? Cutting boards:) Ha ha. It's true. He also got a new hard drive for the computer.

Bon nuit.


  1. Merry Christmas Louise!

  2. love the pictures - merry christmas! glad you could enjoy some solo shopping...non-workers wear whatever they want - haha :)

  3. Is that Gary with a drink in his hands?

  4. maria, don't be crazy. It's punch.

  5. I wear jeans pretty much everyday, but I am constantly wearing out the knees from playing on the floor with the kids. The life of a mom! Merry Christmas to both you and Gary. God bless in 2010.

  6. I enjoyed reading about how your Christmas was spent. Sounds busy but fun.

  7. I love the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book!!! So many great recipes in it!