Sunday, December 20, 2009

Teeth, Hands, and A Belly

Kai and Koen had a bonding brother moment. They would hold hands and then jump from the bench to the couch. Gary obviously helped Koen, but boy, they were having fun AND they were holding hands!!
Kai and Koen have been playing nicely together. Well, not really together, but they haven't been fighting the past couple of days. So nice to have a break from refereeing. Kai also hasn't visited time out for 2 days! Woohoo!
Koen is a super teething machine. They are coming in fast and furiously. This is his face all day long...
Things that keep his mind off of teething are; milk, food, walks, being out in public and running around outside. He has been successfully sleeping through the night, for 13-14 hours, for the whole week. He either has 2 short 1 hour naps or one long 2-3 hour one during the day.
Just showing his 3 upper more on it's way.
And the two on the bottom.
Koen LOVES Blue. I think he will be getting Blue#2 for his birthday, just to be safe:)
And, as for the is a shot I took of my sister Jantina and her 28 week belly. I get to hold a little baby in a few more months. Woohoo!
Gary and I watched the movie `Star Trek' on Friday and I really liked it. Maybe an 8.5/10 and I'm def. not a trekkie! We watched `Julie & Julia' last night and it was okay, maybe a 7/10. Her voice just drives me bonkers. Gary enjoyed watching it too because he's the chef in our home. I guess it was good to learn a bit about Julia Child. Any recommendations for movie rentals for over the holidays?

Gary has taken the kids grocery shopping. I'm taking a few minutes to unwind. With one whiny, teething 1 year old (oh man, he's almost one!!!) and a non stop question asking 3 year old, I'm mentally exhausted. I can't wait until March when Gary and I are getting away without the kids for 3 nights!!! I know I will miss them like crazy but I think that it is important for our marriage and for our own well being.

Bon nuit.


  1. I also heard that letting your husband buy that 24-70 lens is also great for your marriage. I forget where I heard that...but it makes sense to me.

  2. Getting away is important. I'm glad you will do that.

  3. always love your pictures :)
    i loved julie & julia, but i know what you mean about her voice :)

  4. Your sis looks beautiful! We both really liked Star Trek too. Poor Koen! Yay for siblings that get along! So fun to have a getaway to look forward to.

  5. We are going away in Jan. for 4 nights and I also think that it will be great for us!

  6. i hear ya on the teething front. asher's teeth are coming in fast and furious too. currently he's working on 5 :( hope koen's come through soon and his little mouth can have a break :)