Friday, December 18, 2009


Kai likes to lift Koen up onto the couch and then they look out of the window and giggle away. Koen usually tries to dive off the couch head first. I let him one time to `learn' that it hurt, but he did not learn.
Kai had his Christmas party at preschool yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Well, I was really falling apart and feeling like I was about to pass out (fever, chills, fever, chills, repeat, repeat). So, I made it through but cut out as soon as the performance and craft time were over. No socializing for me!
Kai LOVES performing. He loves actions, singing, running around, everything. He is not shy at all. Here he is saying `Shhhh' which is cute because you can see that he has a lisp in this picture so it comes out like `Sssssss':)
Kai was a shepherd in the play. There were no lines or anything which is kind of too bad because I think he would've loved that. Here they are telling the kids to give their best smiles (Melissa, does that remind you of Ayden's smile a way back?).
In this part of the song they were singing about a `humble stable'. His buddy Ethan is on the left side of him in the picture. After each song, Kai would put his arm around him and say `Good job, Ethan!'. He really likes Ethan.

This has got to be the strangest teacher gift ever, a jar full of
nickels. That's what happens when Gary is your teacher. Obviously there is a story behind this...something about Vegas, the 5 cent slot machines and a $20 IOU?
I have my husband home for 2 weeks now!!!!


  1. Kai & Koen look so cute together on the couch!

    Kids Christmas programs are like the best thing ever. Good job Kai! Micah desn't have a lisp, he just skips the S altogether. Like, "what's that 'mell? That 'tinks."

    Fun teacher gift!

  2. Enjoy the two weeks - hopefully you are better soon.