Friday, August 31, 2007

Where did the day go?

Days seem to be flying by and its not that we're busy with anything really, just the day to day. We are all doing well. I've got a sore throat and I think I'm trying to fight off a cold because I feel tired. Gary is still running a lot, he did a nice 10km run early this morning. Kai is also running all over the place and getting into everything. Apparently his soccer ball belongs in the toilet and daddy's wallet should be in the closet. I'm excited to be going back to work part time, I think it is the best possible solution for what to do (for me). Kai has been doing well at daycare and I feel really good about where he is. I'm also so thankful that he is able to have a solid 3 hour nap there, what a relief!
My goal for this month is to see a chiropractor. I've never seen one but I think I should. My back has really felt out of whack since I was pregnant with our 10 million pound baby.
Our first football game is next weekend, hopefully, as long as they find us fields outside of Vancouver (due to the strike).
I should be acting like Gary and I have a life as I believe its Friday night but we have free cable for one month and I think we are watching the Lions game tonight. By the way, I have really realized that I am an introvert. As time goes by, I believe I am more and more introverted. This is not a bad thing. Really.

It's always exciting for Kai when the newspaper comes....

Here's his silly face...auntie Jantina has taught him to do this on command.

His newest word is `Up! Up! Up!' so here is trying to make daddy's chair go up.

Kisses from daddy

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  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    that aunty janny must be cool to have taught him that...boy he is getting to be so much fun