Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sammy the Salmon

Today we went walked to our local park to celebrate our community's wonderful work with conservation and sustainability:) It was actually kinda cool as there was a huge, inflatable, colourful salmon that we could go inside of. Inside, there was a puppet show about recycling.

So far, going back to cloth diapers has been awesome. It is waaaaaaaay easier at this stage. I've also seen re-usable cloth swimmers which we should've gotten at the beginning of the summer. This morning I hit the garage sales at 8am and I bought him the cutest jean jacket (its brand new!). Sure, its for a 2 year old but when I roll up the sleeves, its perfect! One more day and then its back to work! Wow.

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  1. wow no blog update for a must be back at work!