Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tessa and Simon's Wedding

This was def. one of my favourite wedding to go to (besides our own of course:)). Situated on her grandparents ranch in Abbotsford, alongside a man made lake, it was so beautiful. If you don't know these two, they are very unique and fun individuals with a love for dogs, Rugby, and South Africa. Tesssa always said, since the first time they met, that she wanted to marry Simon (which was 10 years ago at UBC!). They celebrated by having a catered bbq, dancing, huge fire to roast marshmellows, a bellini nice. She was very thoughtful to think of providing babysitting which made it really easy for the mommy's there. Gary and I had a great time talking to the people at our table and around the fire as there were some really cool connections and similarities.
Tessa's grandpa/baba had passed away just the day before and so it was a celebration of family and love on various levels. Tessa was able to speak about this in her speech to everyone, sharing how the night before was her grandma's first night in 57 years without a husband and Tessa's last night without one. Tessa was very close to her baba and so it was an extra emotional day.
Colleen, the maid of honour, bringing the flower dogs (?) down the aisle.
Tessa bribing one of the dogs to walk her down the aisle (with her dad of course). Tessa is prob. the only bride I'll ever meet who dug dog treats out of the top of her dress during the ceremony AND who asked her dog if she wanted a kiss too after the bride and groom kissed!
Saying their `I Do's'
The wedding was situated on this lake/ pretty! The canoe was a gift from some people, so fun!
Cutting the cake
What a wonderful evening.

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  1. I've been a very simalar wedding on that lake, and it was also very beautiful. Nothing like a picinic/bbq fun kind of wedding, (with babysiting included!)
    Was that a vintage dress? Awazing!