Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy 13 months monkey!

Opening and closing the bathroom door...

`There's doggies on this box!'

Silly pants

Aw, his little feet...I'm sure they will grow quite big one day!

Opening and closing drawers for daddy

Newest word (and clearest): Up!
Newest locomotive development: able to walk around throwing a ball and picking it back up again.
Favourite thing to do: Opening every cupboard and putting stuff where it doesn't belong.
Newest misbehaviour: throwing food from his highchair .... grrrrr ... apprently mommy saying `No!' is very funny?!
Sleep: Still sleeps from 7pm-7am with one nap during the day (2-3 hours).
Nicknames: from me, `Bubs' and from Gary, `Zoooper or sack of spuds'
Favourite food: still bananas although grapes are in a close second.

Not much else new. He doesn't seem to enjoy bathtime anymore and he is really trying hard to figure out how to put socks and shoes on (with no luck). He's still putting most things in his mouth but I think its getting better. He has also tried climbing up the stairs but has no idea how to come down (hence falling down a few). He is running around everywhere which is fun but we always have to know what he's into as there is no door to keep our computer/electronics out of his way! I think I say to Gary about 3 times a day `Gary, look at him! Isn't he so cute?!', I just think his actions are adorable (except for throwing food). What an amazing little kid...we love him lots! (especially when the two of us are both much easier!)

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I would just like to point out that it is not always happiness and great love with our little monkey. Gary and I went on one date this summer. We didn't go camping this summer. We always need to be home at noon for his nap. He is starting to throw mini tantrums. We can't leave the house together after 7pm. He throws our cd's in the toilet. He hides things. He hates the bath and brushing his teeth. I just thought I would be a little `real' amongst the writing of how wonderful he is and what things are new with him. He is wonderful, and, a life changer.


  1. Will be thinking of you on your first day back teaching!

  2. Weezer:
    Thanks for the food! It was fabulous! And we were in the camper when Gary dropped it off so we were a bit confused for a few minutes as to where the food came from!! I even have leftovers in the fridge for today's lunch. You're the best!! xo!