Thursday, August 09, 2007


Two things that drive me crazy are:
1. People who don't wear helmets when they are biking. This is especially annoying if they have it dangling from their handlebars. If you have it, just wear it. Why does this bug me so much? I've seen a biker hit by a car who wasn't wearing a helmet AND I'm the mother of a little guy who will hopefully always wear his!

2. The sound of people eating corn on the cob. I can't enjoy the corn on the cob because I'm so distracted by the sounds of people eating it. Besides, what about all the gross white stuff that gets stuck between your teeth. I like my corn cobless thanks.

What's new with Kai?
1. He's decided that he wants to go back to wall walking and appears quite scared to be walking by himself. Could it be because of all the times he fell (evident by the bruise on his forehead that continues to get re-bruised)?

2. He got his shots yesterday and Gary got to come and observe for the first time. I cried one tear as he wailed in pain for 2 minutes. Then he played with the toys there and was fine. I asked Gary if it made him sad to see his son in pain and he just said it didn't really bother him because he knew he was okay. We are soooooo different and its so weird how I hurt when Kai hurts but Gary doesn't. It doesn't mean Gary is unloving, it just means he's less sensitive maybe? Again, this isn't a bad thing because a house full of sensitivity could be a little crazy at times but ya, another way in which Gary and I differ. Another thing I struggle to understand.

3. He's invented a type of crawl that I have never seen before. He was never a crawler so this is a cross of walking and crawling. He keeps one leg upright as if its walking and the other is curled under him for leverage. I tried to get a picture of it and will post it below.
4. His stats were: weight 25lbs, height 30.5inches. His 5th tooth is approx. a nanometer from popping through. Below is a picture of Kai flirting with himself in the mirror. He likes to give the head tilt and smile.

5. He now smiles a lot at people when we go out. Well, if they smile, he give the hearty `haaaaa' sound with the face below.

Hmmm...what's new with Gary?
1. He painted all last week.
2. He has been working out and running lots. I'm trying to encourage him to run a half marathon in October but he likes to think about things for a while, so, maybe I will just sign him up.
3. He has been reading a lot on photography lighting
4. He has enjoyed running around, doing errands with me. Really, he has.
5. He's getting his hair cut by me tonight! This allows for it to grow out a bit before school starts again in case it looks a little scary. Every time it gets a little better.

What's new with me?
1. I read `The curious incident of the dog in the night-time' and give it a 7.5/10. It's written from the perspective of a boy with autism. I'd recommend it, it's a quick read.
2. Just wrote my sister Jackie a letter, she is safe and sound in Namibia.
3. Going to a wedding of good friends from UBC this Saturday, it's going to be a beautiful one!
4. Low blood pressure. Always have it but seems worse lately, prob. because I'm not drinking enough water. I know its good to be low, but when systolic is always below 100, I keep getting dizzy.
5. I turn 29 next week. Not a very exciting birthday, 30 will be the big one I guess. Gary and I are planning on going to Vancouver for fancy dinner, we love our food:)
6. I really enjoy watching `So You Think You Can Dance'. Results tonight!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Sounds like a good summer so far!
    How do you know your blood presure?
    Are those little testing stations in the pharmacy, that I always see elderly people at? Hmm maybe I'm supposed to know mine, I would have no idea what mine is... hmm sounds like a fun "project" for me to do.

  2. Just thought you might want to know that the results aren't until next Monday for this week's "So You Think You Can Dance". I hope you aren't too disappointed tonight!

  3. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Hey, My little guy crawled just like Kai - except we never thought to take a picture of it, we always just laughed!

  4. great update! i love those pics of kai! especially the flirting one and the big smiling one! he is just TOO CUTE! have a great weekend!

  5. Hey, I agree regarding people who don't wear their helmets while biking~I even know a paramedic who doesn't wear one?? He's also a bike courier and on his bike 40 hours a week? He makes me MAD (though he's also a good friend). How's this for an even bigger pet peeve: People who bike with their kids in a trailer behind the bike, and their kids don't have helmets on?!? Even better when the parents DO have a helmet on but their precious babies DON'T?!? Any crash involving the parent would necessarily involve the kid in the trailer (logical), plus it is the law.
    My version of your pet peeve.