Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kai's `new' shoes

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I've been looking for shoes for Kai as he has size 4 (or smaller) feet and finally found these second hand leather Air Jordans for $1.99! He looks so cute clomping around:) As mentioned in Maria's comment, now that I'm back to work, it appears I'm not blogging. My goal is to continue to update the blog at least twice a week and to continue to take a plethora of pictures:)

So, I've been back to work for two days. We have staff meetings this week and start teaching next week. I have to say that I love where I work and its great to be with my second `family' again. The only hard part is leaving Kai and I have to say that so far, its easier than I thought. I think its a lot more tiring for him but he appears to be doing well. Today when I dropped him off and started walking out the door, he ran after me and fell face first on the hardwood. He was really crying and then we saw that he had a pretty bloody nose. Oh boy, his first nose bleed as I'm about to leave. We got him fixed up and left a few minutes later. Apparently he was a good boy and he took a solid 2 1/2 hour nap. Phew. He loves that blankie. As soon as work is done though, i can't wait to see him, that's the hardest part...just the drive to go get him:)

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