Monday, August 06, 2007

Family Time at Aldergrove Lake

Yesterday we went to Aldergrove lake with all the Chapman family. The kids all played in the water and Kai was LOVING the water and the sand. I thought that once he got a mouthful of sand, he would realize it was gross and never eat it again. Nope. That kid continued to try to eat it and everything else. When does it end?! Anything he finds, he puts into his mouth. It can't be that he's hungry because he eats so much. Talking about eating, he always has baby cereal for breakfast (like wheat cereal with grapes and bananas), when do you switch to toast or something? Or is it good to keep giving him cereal for the high iron content?
Then we went to gramma and grandpa's for a bbq where Gary got Kai to hang from the basketball rim...oh boy. Kai is so in love with any ball or balloon that he sees and calls it `baw' which is not to be confused with `beh' which is bed. He also really loves his `beh' as long as his blankie is there.
Being that it's August, I'm starting to feel nervous as I'm heading back to work in 3 more weeks! For those of you that don't know, I'm going back to teaching part time. That means I will be there M,W,Fri one week and then T, Th the next. Kai will be at daycare with a friend's sister who lives 3 blocks away from us. I'll be bringing him there next week to get him to start adjusting and I'm sure he'll be fine. He's really good in any environment without me, as long as there are toys of some sort to play with. The thing we are working on right now is that it appears he is switching to one nap. It's not working too well as he wants to have his nap earlier than later so we keep trying to extend how long he is up in the morning. It seems that his one nap is from 10:30-1 or so which makes for a very long afternoon. Fun times.
Hope you all had a good weekend. We keep thinking of going camping but there seems to be something going on every other day which makes it difficult. Oh well, day trips are good.
Well, we are off on a family bike ride. Kai loves the bike trailer!


  1. oh you said the bad word! "work" not yet can't start thinking about it yet! wait untill the 20th then start thinking about it!

  2. I will be thinking of you as you go back to work. I dreaded it also, but now I actually enjoy being an "adult" a few days a week. Plus, Shaylah loves her daycare. As for baby cereal, Shaylah wouldn't eat it after about 11 months, so we switched to regular dry cereal. The iron content isn't as high, but she loves meat so I am not worried. I think you can keep feeding him the baby cereal as long as he keeps enjoying it!

    Happy Belated Birthday Kai and Gary!