Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to Gary!!

Well, this birthday was a little more celebrated than the one last year! Last year we were both completely out of it as Gary's bday is one day after Kai's. So, what did we do today? Well, this morning we had a garage sale. I know, so unromantic and `unfun' for a birthday right? Kind of. This was the only weekend that worked. We just had one for 3 hours and made over $170.00 so that's not too bad! It's sad to see stuff that you bought for a lot of money just go for $1.00. It's sad that people talk you down to such a little amount for stuff that has been with you for years.

So here is the birthday boy doing what he loves best...playing Madden football in the basement. He thinks that because he named his quarterback Louise and the main receiver Kai that I would take a greater interest:)

We ate some cake that Kai decided felt nice on his belly. This birthday boy was a chunky 25lbs at his one year mark. I won't say how much today's birthday boy weighs:)

Then we went for dinner at Red family friendly with the little ones. I told them it was Gary's bday so they made him stand up and they all sang and clapped. I'm surprised Gary wasn't more embarrassed because he really doesn't like being the center of attention like that. We got a free Sundae out of it too! Also, due to the great money making this morning, we celebrated the special day by getting a drink other than water with dinner. I'm very hesitant to post this fact as I really don't want to be made fun of. Growing up we would always get one large pop at McDonalds and split it amongst the 7 of us:) Whenever we go out, Gary and I always get water. But today being Gary's birthday, I had a coke and he had a strawberry lemonade...we are WILD!!!:) Then, we went for a walk at Campbell Valley Park which was a nice way to just talk and breathe some fresh air. We wanted to go out to see the new Bourne movie but will have to wait til family is available to watch the little guy.

Happy birthday Gary!!! For his card I wrote `32 Reasons why I love Gary' (because he's 32) I will post them here (there are many, many other reasons but here are a few):

1. He helped me make a beautiful baby boy
2. He makes me yummy dinners (he is seriously the best chef ever)
3. He goes on walks with me
4. He watches `America’s next top noodle’ with me (Gary makes up `interesting' names for each show and it sticks in my head, like `Okra' for Oprah) By the way, we honestly watch this show for the photos at the end and not all the model hoopla and walking etc...
5. He agreed to get rid of cable to save $50.00 and spend more quality time together
6. He is a good photographer
7. He is a hard worker
8. He loves sour cream and onion chips too
9. He is reading a book with me
10. He understands computers and fixes them for me
11. He listens to my venting
12. He agreed to have a garage sale
13. He listens/agrees to my creative suggestions
14. He goes on runs and takes care of his body
15. He takes kai on runs
16. He comes up with cool nicknames for kai and i
17. He loves his family
18. He is a good teacher…
19. He is a good basketball coach and puts in lotsa time
20. He appreciates his friendships as he’s had the same friends for years
21. He dresses, changes, and plays with kai
22. He tries to bike to school when its sunny
23. He composts and recycles
24. He is tall, dark, and handsome
25. He smells yummy
26. He’s a good painter and can `cut in’ without using tape
27. He would look up different fonts instead of just using this one
28. He’s good with kids
29. He talks nerdy to me (we really do talk sciency to eachother)
30. He cleans the bathrooms, the kitchen floors and does laundry!
31. He is uber patient
32. He loves me and tells me so all the time


  1. Hey I always order water also,
    I can't remember the last time I ordered a drink at a resturant!

  2. "Tall dark and handsome..." Chappy? No way, he is white as rice.

    Happy B-day Chappy, we gotta hit the links with Seabiscuit before this summer comes to a screeching halt.